Ready to set your business on auto-pilot with passive income {having something like a digital product making money for you while your time is FREE to do what you L-O-V-E}?!

Want to share your expertise with others and build your authority in your industry?

If so, I have GREAT news!…

The Passive Profits’ course provides you with step-by-step, plug-and-play instructions on how to: create, automate, and make money {passively} from sharing your experience and expertise.

Believe it or not, you can have a portion of your business on autopilot and your next money-maker developed quickly {#believeit}!

During the Passive Profits course, we work together to focus on getting a small portion of the services your business provides setup to bring in profits…passively!

This is a 3-part process and we will walk through each part step-by-step {because the process always work best when you have a step-by-step guide}.

Throughout our time together, we’ll take a deep dive into:

  • Your industry’s most frequently asked questions
  • Your promotional languaging {to help BOOST SALES and make more money!}
  • The process for setting {at least one} of your services up passively using a repeatable automation process
  • Course concept outlining model
  • Course content and worksheet development strategy
  • Course syllabus template and real-life audio course example
  • A ‘Tip Sheet’ for a top-of-the-line recording session
  • FREE, low-cost and no-cost, easy to use automation resources
  • Plus, the EXACT wording I use to market and promote my courses
  • BONUS: An in-session ‘sit-in’ on creating sales languaging with a Passive Profit client {featuring the 6 SECRET steps to selling your course!}
  • And finally, the step-by-step layout for developing your very own coaching course or program by simply following along and filling in the blanks to help customize your own course content

The goal of the ‘Passive Profits‘ course is to help you setup your new income stream, and make it all line up with your online and offline brand messaging goals.

Creating your own course {passively} shows {and helps build upon} your expertise and builds your credibility as the go-to-person for help with these topics specifically in your industry. This course is your tool to the setup, system, and structure to do just that! 

Here’s your opportunity to grab your seat to the

Passive Profits‘ course for ONLY $97

{regularly $297 with a price increase coming soon}!

Register TODAY and this digitally downloadable course information will be on its way to your inbox!

I’m so excited to see your business and your brand unfolding!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to success.

Class is starting soon…

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