Is this the year you FINALLY write your book?

Are you READY to tell {and sell} your story to an awaiting audience?

Do you need help with where to start…or how to get unstuck and start writing again?

If so, I have good news for you!

In honor of National Women’s Entrepreneurship month {signed into office by President Obama in 2012!}, Best-selling Author, Andrieka J. Austin of hosts #WriteNow; a mini-masterclass to show you how to successfully write, market and sell your first book!

Class starts TODAY via livestream

in a private online community.

Only $47

 [ Price increases to $97 soon! ]

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During this workshop, we will help you:

  • Dive in to exactly how to draft [and start writing] your first book THIS year
  • Discover 11 crucial parts of every self-published book
  • Get a template for how to craft [and effectively share] your personal story
  • Learn how to establish your credibility and be seen as a writer in your industry
  • When [and how] to hire a Ghostwriter, Editor, and Publisher to help you launch your book
  • And so much more!

During this 155-minute intensive, we’ll also help you find your ‘Marketing Magic’ for

  • How to get press + media interviews as a NEW Author
  • Creating additional revenue [like speaking and teaching] from your book…and getting PAID!
  • What to look forward to on your book signing day/launch party!

{DID YOU KNOW you can do all of this before your book even launches?!}


#WriteNow2018 Writers

#WriteNow2017 Writer’s Retreat


Can you IMAGINE what your life will look like when you finally get your first book in your hands?

Think of all of the applause and celebration from your family and close friends because…YOU FINALLY DID IT! – all because you got the help you needed starting today.

We’ll cover everything from concept to cash!

If you’re serious about getting the help and guidance you need for taking your life {and your business} to the N E X T level, come get the accountability and support you need to become an Author this year.

Click the button below to get registered for the event that could change your life!

Recent Client Success…

“I was invited to listen to AJ on one of her Periscopes a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely enjoyed listening to her. In fact, I couldn’t wait to hear the Periscope tweet to see if she was scoping again! Then, I found out that she was going to be a guest Speaker at a networking event and I immediately registered to attend. Yes, she is even more awesome in-person than on social media! We hit it off. In fact, it was during our extensive impromptu book coaching session/intensive where, the next thing I knew, I had my foundation for my book! Wow! Talk about AWESOME!”

Thanks so much,

Demitra Bryant, International Travel Women Retreat Coach

Only $47

 [ Price increases to $97 soon! ]

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“Attending AJ’s Writer’s Retreat in Atlanta yesterday via live stream helped me outline my book and start writing!!!” -Lisa M., TX

This class is for you if are READY to successfully write, market, and sell your first book THIS YEAR.

This Writer’s Mini-Masterclass is for you if:

  • You’ve been wanting to write your first book, but you’re not sure where to start
  • Maybe you are questioning how much of your personal versus your professional life story you should write about and share in your first book
  • You may be wondering how deep you can go in your first book with sharing parts of your life that are very personal {and where is the line drawn between helping others through your story and your family disowning you for “spilling the beans”?}
  • Maybe you’ve even wanted to write a book, but are unsure how long it will take, from start to finish
  • You might also be that new writer / ‘Almost-Author’ who has begun to write her first book, but now you’re “stuck” wondering what else to write
  • You could possibly also be questioning how long your book should be

We’re Covering That And…

  • The BEST topic for NEW Authors to write about
  • How much of your story to share
  • What to do AFTER the book is done to start making money right away {this is the part MOST new {and some veteran} self-published Authors DON’T know to keep their books flying off the shelves {our out of the trunk of their car}!


  • When you hit the LAST sentence on the LAST page of the book you’ve ALWAYS wanted to write
  • Think of how it will feel when you FINALLY see your book cover for the first time and have it in PRINT shortly following
  • What about the DAY the UPS truck pulls up to your house and knocks at your door with your FIRST shipment of ALREADY pre-sold copies of your book
  • Can you even wrap your head around taking the screenshot that proves YOUR book is on Amazon as a BEST SELLER?
  • What about seeing your family, friends, fans, and followers at your book launch party asking you to sign THEIR copy of YOUR book because you’re a celebrity now?!
  • And just think of how you’ll FEEL when you get your FIRST phone call to appear in your neighborhood’s community newspaper, on TV, and in other online/offline print and radio media because you are now a new Author with something to say, and a story to tell that will leave a legacy for generations to come!



Only $47

 [ Price increases to $97 soon! ]

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Looking forward to helping you FINALLY get that book out this year!


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