[Event] Get NEW Clients…in tha’ DM!

I Hosted a LIVE ‘Instagram Masterclass’ on how to find clients on Instagram.

The picture you see above is of me sharing really juicy tips and tactics I learned from an Instagram Pro on how to turn Instagram Direct Messages {DM} conversations into clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

If you’ve been trying to figure out how Instagram can help you find clients, this class is for you!

The replay of this class only $28 for the next for the next 24 hours, then…it disappears!

This ‘Instagram Masterclass’ covers:

-How to build the RIGHT following to help you meet your business sales goals

-What to say in when you’re chatting with a potential new client in the DM

-Attracting sponsors, event ticket sales, email list subscribers and more!

You’ll see LIVE coaching and Instagram assessments with other business leaders {they’re already seeing growth!}.

With this class, you’ll also get INSTANT access to a BONUS call I did with Instagram Pro, Rashad Davis on ‘How to Get Clients On Instagram’ 💕

Click the button below to take the class today, and I’ll send you the replay video + BONUS call right away! 👇

See you in the class!


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