Marketing to your ideal customer

Getting  / Gaining new clients

The BEST way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert

Appealing to your audience

Making a home for your coaching business

Getting in front of the right audience

Strategies to assist with obtaining more clients {and what tools are most effective in doing so}?

How to approach social media [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc]

How to build up your coaching brand from the beginning

Marketing yourself as a Coach

The NEXT step in growing your coaching business [what comes next]

How to get your coaching business off the ground

How to market your coaching business

How to NOT be overwhelmed as a new Coach

How to find people near you, or in nearby cities {or cities you frequent} to coach


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If you need help with…

Getting coaching clients

How to play the social media game

How to show up authentically on social media (without feeling “salesy”)

How to offer programs that grab attention and lets your target audience know you exist (without sounding “needy”)

Best ways to use social media to attract more new coaching client referrals

When to share parts of your story with your coaching clients – and when/how to write it out in book form

How to be confident in what you do (even when it seems different than other Coaches)

Best ways to increase business

Feeling stuck with marketing your coaching business

Strategies to assist in obtaining more clients [ + tools most effective in doing so ]

How to approach Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Ways to market your coaching services

How to get new coaching clients (and appeal to your audience)