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Discover the TOP 22 Ways for how you can INSTANTLY increase your business impact, influence, and income {by going from FREE to FEE-based speaking platforms in your business!}

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This quick how-to guide is a step-by-step resource is an ebook + audio BONUSES and a sample/professional Speaker One Sheet (see link below) that features 22 top tips to go from public speaking to a professionally paid speaker. It’s a do-it-yourself guide that addresses the most frequently asked questions from aspiring and established speakers, trainers, coaches, facilitators, and authors on how to stop giving away your services and expertise for FREE and how to start building your speaking business and making ongoing money from various types of speaking platforms.

Learn to leverage your expertise and create an ongoing revenue stream.

The #SpeakUp ebook answers questions like the following:

  • How can I use the pain of my past to help tell my story when I speak?
  • People always ask me for free business advice. How can I get paid from this?
  • How can I use what I know to get paid?
  • How can I get more bookings as a speaker?
  • How do I get the media to interview me on TV?
  • What is the BEST way to title my speaking topic?

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Get IMMEDIATE access to samples of what’s it’s like to speak LIVE + virtually on worldwide platforms:

  • #SpeakUp Q&A Call Series [parts 1-3] – goes with the #SpeakUp ebook
  • #SpeakUp ebook
  • Digital Speaking BONUS tips checklist
  • A Sample Professional Speaker’s Bio [below]
  • A Professional Speaker’s Introduction video announcement = more [below]
  • “Branding for Public Speakers” [part 1 & 2] videos
  • CapBuilder Radio Podcast Interview with Marc Parham
  • Successful Woman Radio Podcast Interview with Trina Newby
  • She Wrote A Book Podcast Interview on the #SpeakUp book
  • Women Who Rock with Success Podcast Interview with Diane Winbush
  • Abundance Group Podcast Interview
  • #StartUpVan video interview

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Andrieka J. Austin – One-Sheet [2016]

[Skip to 29:24 on the video below]