List of ebooks and audios emailed to you TODAY!]


1. Secrets of A Socialprenista (ebook) – Retail: $9.99 
The digital version of the above book (#1) on how to get things done in your life and in your business (can easily be downloaded to your laptop, computer, tablet, ipad, or apple and android phones + paired with the ’88 Days of Prayer’ calls below (BONUS #3))

2. Messaging MAGIC (ebook) + in-book story-selling BONUS gifts – Retail: $9.99
Gives you the MAGIC formula for the TOP 5 ways to confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

3. The Boss of Me Business-building Journal – Retail: $47
Your 90-day business-building daily success journal for starting and sustaining your new Life Coaching practice (and starting your journey to making thousands!)

4. The Boss Blogs ebook – Retail: $27
A 76-page ebook of coach marketing blogs (pairs with the 50+ coaching calls) + training links and BONUSES below

Featuring marketing tips for new Coaches on:

  1. The easiest speaking gig for Coaches
  2. 5 Ways to Bring in More Coaching Clients…from Your Website
  3. 20 Benefits from Livestreaming to Bring in New Coaching Clients
  4. 5 Things Every Coach Must Have on His / Her Website
  5. The 6-part MAGIC Formula for Attracting New Clients via Livestream
  6. How to Tell a Good Story (and Attract the Right Coaching Clients)
  7. 3 Pricing Mistakes Coaches Make (and How to Avoid Them)
  8. Get More Clients or Get a “Real Job”
  9. How Church Helped My Coaching Business
  10. Frustrated with Clients?
  11. The #1 Pricing Mistake Most New Coaches Make in Their Business [and How to Avoid It]
  12. The #1 Way to Make The Most Money as a Coach
  13. How to Name Your Coaching Program (and Attract Amazing Clients)
  14. The More Money Manifesto
  15. S.A.L.E.S Success Secrets
  16. Before You Pay for Coaching
  17. Make Your “Mess” Your Message
  18. 8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Write Your Book…This Year!
  19. The Top 5 Ways Coaches Can Bring in Money with a Book
  20. How One New (Fast Coach Training) Coach Launched and Sold Her First Book This Year!



BONUS #1: ‘88 Days of Prayer’ previously recorded call audios to cover your business (pairs with Secrets of A Socialprenista print bookand/or ebooks)

BONUS $#2: 1-hour Life Coach Certification information/training call to forward to your family and friends who you know would make a GREAT Coach (to help you easily bring in UNLIMITED $50 referrals) 

BONUS #3: #SpeakUp (ebook) – Retail: $9.99
22 top tips to go from being an unpaid public speaker to a professionally paid speaker, along with frequently asked questions from aspiring and established speakers, trainers, coaches, facilitators, and authors on how to stop giving away your services and expertise for FREE and how to start building your speaking business empire and making money from various types of speaking platforms.

BONUS #4: The Journey Girl Guide (ebook) – Retail $3.99
Opens the realm of conversation to tackle sensitive topics and effectively break down the embarrassment, emotional and time barriers as it relates to teen girls living more empowered lives, encourage teen girls to develop positive habits and maintain good life skills practices and more.

BONUS #5: The Life Coaching 101 e-guide + audio calls + my trainer notes on:

  • Becoming a Life Coach
  • What is Life Coaching?
  • Highlights of the Coaching Experience
  • Things every Life Coach Should Know
  • Secrets to Success as a Life Coach
  • Life Coaching Questions
  • Coaching Specialties
  • Coaching Colors
  • Q&A

BONUS #6: [52] Previously Recorded Coaching Calls
(with unlimited online access) – a $8,910 true Retail value


  • How to Have Confidence as a Coach
  • When to Let Go
  • 5 Top Ways to Coach
  • What to Do When You Want to GIVE UP…On Coaching!
  • 15 Must-haves for a Successful Coaching Business
  • 8 Ways to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Instant Results
  • Special Guest: Dr. Michael J. Duckett
  • Q&A with Dr. Michael J. Duckett


  • 3 Pricing Mistakes New Coaches Make
  • How to Price Your Coaching Services [Part 1]
  • 4 Quick Tips for Pricing Your Products and Services


  • The Best Way to Build Your Brand as a Coach
  • 10 Ways to Build Your Brand as a Coach


  • How to Grow Your Coaching Business
  • How to Get Coaching Clients on Instagram
  • How to Get Coaching Clients from Social Media
  • LIVE Instagram Masterclass for ‘How to Get Coaching Clients from Instagram’
  • How to Market + Grow Your Coaching Business the Smart + Easy Way
  • Top Tips for Hiring FREE Help in Your Coaching Business
  • How to Effectively Market Your Coaching Business
  • 3 Ways to Bring in New Clients from Networking Events
  • [Part 2] 10 Ways to Bring in Coaching Clients form Your Website
  • Gaining New Coaching Clients with Livestream
  • How to Put Your Coaching Business ‘Out There’
  • 10 Ways to Bring in More Coaching Clients from Your Website [Part 1
  • 5 Ways to Bring in More Coaching Clients
  • How to Name Your Coaching Program


  • A 10-Step Coaching Sales System
  • The TOP 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome
  • How to Keep Clients Showing Up in Your Business
  • How to Get New Clients for Your Coaching Business
  • The #1 Way to Coach (and Make More Money)
  • The Top 7 Coaching Contract Must-Haves
  • The 5-part Process to Making S.A.L.E.S in Your Coaching Business
  • How to Turn “FREE” Coaching Clients into GREAT Clients
  • The #1 Secret for How to Attract the Right Coaching Clients
  • How to Keep Your Coaching Clients Coming Back


  • How to Stay Booked as a Speaker
  • How to Land Your Next Speaking Opportunity
  • How to Grow Your Coaching Brand as A Speaker
  • What to Do When You Land a Digital Speaking Gig
  • How to Land Virtual Speaking Opportunities to Promote Your Coaching Business
  • Easy Speaking Gigs for Coaches
  • The Easiest Way to Get Speaking Engagements


  • How to Write Your Author Bio
  • How to Get Anyone to Buy Your New Book [and Hire You as Their Coach]
  • How to Write Your Book This Year
  • Interview with a New Author
  • 8 Ways to Know It’s Time Write Your Book
  • The Top 5 Ways to Make Money with a Book
  • The #1 Way to Attract the Right Clients to Your Coaching Business Through the Power of Your Story
  • The Power of Storytelling