Finally, a step-by step Master Plan {aka, a “pink print”} that answers your business questions so well that when you look up, you have a plan of action that spells out exactly what you need to be doing and it points you to exactly what you should be focusing on day-by-day and step-by step each day in your business one small detail at a time as you grow your small business/entrepreneurial enterprise successfully!


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Save up to $332 on Boss Of Me when you join today!


Imagine what it would be like to clearly see the next 6,9, or 12 months {shoot!, the next day!!} into the future of your business.

How ahhhhmazing would it be to FINALLY have a printed plan of purpose for your established and existing business?

In this course, I will show you how to go from level to level…from the basics of start up to the advancement of sustaining your business to financially support you and a lifestyle you love and adore, deserve and desire.

Together, we’ll elevate your business vision all the way up to the scaling phase of growth and automation that produces passive revenue streams that could potentially take you to your plan for adding more zeros to your business bottom-line and bank account all in 365 days or less!

“Boss Of Me is a step-by-step Master Plan to get your business questions answered so well that when you look up, you have a plan of action that spells out exactly what you need to focus on day-to-day in your business, one small detail at a time as you build and grow your enterprise successfully.”

Simply put, you’re ready to launch out, spread your wings, and do your own thing!


Personal Development

Let the REAL you shine through and show others what YOU see in you, as you re- discover and define your true purpose

Business Mission / Vision Elevation Strategy

In the program, we cover how to elevate the vision and mission you have for your new business using strategy and the benefits of your  personal and professional goals and intentions, along with your pledge to be The B.O.M in your new coaching business.

Time Management

Uncover what is “pinching” away the hours in your day that are keeping you from fulfilling your destiny and living out your dreams to own a successful business, by learning how to effectively combine, collaborate, and conquer your calendar {and create more “me time”!}.

Your Customer / Client + Community

Discover the 7 parts of finding your perfect client {aka, your “business bestie”} among your community of friends, fans, and followers {along with reasons they may or may NOT buy from you} and their phenomenal characteristics.


Learn how to get CLEAR on the ‘What do you do?” question using the Message Formula as you construct your super-sexy signature speech with your story of significance and the 3-pat secret to your signature talk to help you make more moeny.

Marketing Materials

Learn the only things that should be on your

  • Website
  • Voicemail
  • Business Cards
  • Business Signature
  • Email Messaging
  • Taglines

using a unique ‘questioning’ process for your new clients to discover you {and past clients to brag on you!}.

Pricing Your Products + Services [for Profit]

Get detailed tips and tactics for how to price your services using sales success secrets and the follow-up process.


Discover the reasons your customers or clients will buy from you {or not}, and how to maximize {and multiply} the money-makers in your business!

Systems & Structure

You’ll receive a 150-point checklist for how to systemize and optimize your business and maximize + multiply your money-makers get help getting clear on what you do [your marketing messaging and your story], and the benefits of your services as a Coach.

Learn what it takes to share your business with others in a systemized process that keeps your customers happy by giving them more than they expect. Plus, how to KEEP MOVING {and don’t stop}.

The solution is all in 365 days’ work.

Click on the video to watch Renee’s reaction to being the b.o.m in her business!

Meet Renee, a recent Boss of Me graduate who went from foggy to focused and from confusion to clarity in her next level to being the b.o.m in her business!

She is on fire in her newly re-focused business, helping women live authentic lives!

-T.Renee Smith, Life Strategist


What if you could follow a step-by step Master Plan {aka, a “pink print”} and get your business questions answered so well that when you look up, you have a plan of action that spells out exactly what you need to be doing and it points you to exactly what you should be focusing on day-by-day and step-by step each day in your business one small detail at a time as you grow your small business/entrepreneurial enterprise successfully?

The solution is in the details and the details are in the plan!

This is the strategy, structure, and the solution for how you can have a business that supports a lifestyle you adore and so much more!

The Boss Of Me offers just that. It’s YOUR next steps in running your small business empire and getting to your next level of success!

You can finally stop scratching your head and join a community of heart-centered, service-based women small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs {aka “Business Besties”} who want to see and support your success!

Want to see what YOUR next step in business-building could be?pink sign up

Join Today For 3  Easy Payments of $447 — OR — Just 1 Payment of $997 {Save $332!}

Save up to $332 on Boss Of Me when you join today!

cropped-1280x426.jpgThe Boss Of Me is for…

Aspiring, established and existing entrepreneurs and those who are going through a re-launch or a re-branding phase of their current business {or those who may be shifting businesses}

As an 12+ year small business owner, and business coach for women small business owners, I have successfully graduated women who were once numb to being the b.o.m in their business!

The Boss of Me is PERFECT for women small business owners {or those with a desire to be} who are super-focused on the positive outcomes for having a plan of purpose for prosperity in her business next level, but who just needs the RIGHT person, product or program to point her in the right direction.

I promise that if you follow the step-by-step guide laid out in The Boss Of Me program as you follow in the footsteps of the successful women entrepreneurs who have come before you and paved the way {and who are now being the b.o.m in their businesses}, you too will gain the results you desire in your business all in 365 days or less.

Let’s make a pinky promise…if you promise to do the work {and don’t try to skip ahead or leave anything out}, I promise you’ll be well on your way to being the b.o.m in your business within the next few days too!

Don’t be the “busy bee business boo” who continues to spin her wheels day-after-day and be in the same place you currently are today this time next year…all alone, trying to figure things out on your own, and still making less {not more} than enough money in your business!

Come join the community of business besties who made the decision to move forward in planning their next steps, boosting their business bottom line, and being the b.o.m in their business!

The step-by-step guide shared {also known as a ‘pink print’} shared in The Boss Of Me is YOUR guide to how to start, sustain, and scale your success support system in your business both now and for generations to come.


 Open Enrollment is TODAY…

I invite you to click the link below and make the decision to TAKE ACTION and move forward in your life and in your business by signing up to become the b.o.m in your business today!


pink sign upJoin Today For 3  Easy Payments of $497 — OR — Just 1 Payment of $997 {Save $332!}

Save up to $382 on Boss Of Me when you join today!


The Boss Of Me is a business-building and accountability program featuring:

  • Access to a structured 6-month, systemized business-building mentorship program and support via
    • Your own private portal of 2-3 pre-recorded weekly coaching audio sessions that are instatnly downloadable to your laptop, pc, phone, or tablet
    • Weekly Facebook inbox or audio chats, or email check-ins {if you’re not a ‘Facebook person’} about your progress, along with portal session upload updates
    • Monthly one-hour Q&A check-in/accountability calls with Founder and Master Business Coach, Andrieka “Coach AJA” Austin, and your community of support sisters who are going through the program with you
    • [Digital or Print] ‘The Boss Of Me’ workbook with each coaching session transcribed

Here’s How It Works:

When you join you’ll receive an email with your log-in and IMMEDIATE access to the private Online Training Portal that includes everything you need to get started including your own personal Boss Of Me workbook. As the course is released module by module you’ll gain access to additional course content including:

  • Training audios
  • Interactive Worksheet
  • Live Training Recordings
  • Your Boss Of Me Workbook

Plus, LIVE Group Coaching Q&A Calls with AJA and a coaching community!

Meet Your Mentor + Master Business Coach, Andrieka J. AAustin

18767579_10211632057869808_6784950642461352414_n Andrieka “AJA” Austin is ‘The Messenger’, an award-winning Master Business Coach, Professional Trainer, Speaker, and Facilitator and Founder of
Ms. Austin helps women small business ownersconfidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through her best-selling program, ‘Messaging Magic!’.
AJA knows the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {she went from homelessness, divorce, and the the death of her mother — on the same day!}Click to read all “the dirty details” in her 8th best-selling book, ‘The Boss Of Me’ [The Struggle to Success]

Got Questions?


Frequently Asked Questions About Being ‘The Boss Of Me


What kind of entrepreneur is The Boss Of Meä for?

  • A planner who is read to flesh out her road map to business success
  • The serious entrepreneur who is ready to make moves in her business and finally stop trying to figure things out on her own
  • An entrepreneur who is ready to finally know what’s next in her business

Why Should I Choose The Boss Of Meä?

  • You should choose The Boss Of Meä if you {and I} agree it is a good fit for you and your next level of business
  • Choose only if you are tired of your own excuse of why you are not getting things done and moving to the next highest level in your business
  • Choose The Boss Of Meä only if you are finally ready to be The Boss in your business

How Does The Boss Of Meä Stand Out? [There Are So Many Programs Out There]

  • The Boss Of Meä stands out because it includes my detailed answers from my own personal business-building journey through the program that allowed me to make and replace my corporate annual income working only six months out of the year
  • The Boss Of Meä stands out because of my own business success stories
  • The Boss Of Meä stands out because the stories within the program are a one-on-one journey for the woman entrepreneur who needs to sit with herself and her baby {aka, the vision she has for her business} and bring it all together to make sense to her and others

What If I Am Only Just Starting My Business And Don’t Really Have Clients?

  • Find a friend, family member, or a fan of yours who you have helped, have them speak on your behalf in the form of a written or video testimonial about your work together while you ask them clarifying questions regarding your work together and what you have helped them accomplish

I’ve Taken A Business-building Course Before And I Still Feel Lost or confused. Why Should I sign Up for The Boss Of Meä, How Is It Different?

  • The Boss Of Meä is for the committed and faithful individual who is ready to stop “coach hopping” and focus on feedback for your business growth ideas
  • The Boss Of Meä offers accountability via monthly coaching check-in calls and ongoing support throughout the program


How Can I Invest In Myself If I Am Not Making Money In My Business?

  • Choose / decide to believe, know, and understand that how you show up now in your business is exactly how your customers will show up for you. Invest in you, and they will do the same
  • Find the best way/level to invest in the program. Payment arrangements are available. You may have to start with my other books, visit my blog and follow the free positive social media posts I share
  • Now may not be the ideal time for you to invest in The Boss Of Meä. Only you can make that decision right now. Only you know where you currently are in your business and everything that you have tried on your own to get where you want to be. However, I can assure you that this is the lowest investment amount that The Boss Of Meä will ever be


How Much Time Will This Course Take To Complete? {Will I Be Successful If I Have Kids To Take Care Of, Or If I’m Still Working A Day Job And Don’t Have Tons Of Time To Commit?}

  • This course is designed to be a step-by-step process that will take as long as you give it. Many have successfully completed the course work in less than twenty-one days
  • Your kids will admire our dedication and tenacity to leave your legacy by building your dream
  • Your “side hustle” game needs to be stronger than your commitment to outside distractions

I Am Ready To Claim My Spot, AJA. How Do I Pay?

  • Credit card by phone with me {your Coach} at 770-744-4475
  • Online at

I Am Waiting On A Big Surge Of Money [Settlement, Large Payday, Lottery Ticket Payoff, Inheritance, Wind Fall, Hit The Jackpot In Vegas, My Cousin/Aunt/Uncle/Brother/Father/Mother/Sister/Grandma/Grandpa To Pay Me Back The Money They Owe Me That I Lent Them A Few Years Ago]…It Could Come Any Day Now.

When we “get rich”, believe me, coaching is

  • The last thing we think about {until the large “windfall” of cash is disappearing, and you are broke again
  • The furthest thing we are thinking about
  • Is not even on our minds

Just know that you need people in your corner rooting for you and working on your behalf.

What if I need to miss a part of the live training calls?

A: There is a “LIVE” component to the training – 8 LIVE training calls with me and my coaching team to get your questions answered and to deepen your learning.

Don’t worry, if the word LIVE scares you, you should know that all calls are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time. We do our best to answer them all.
how many hours should I be setting aside each week?

A: This system is designed to support learning at your own pace – remember it’s all online and it’s available for you whenever you want to learn.

But, here’s my recommendation – The minute you join you get access to the pre-work. If you really want to gain traction fast, dig in right away. Block out time to do the modules as they are released and attend the live calls.
If you can’t attend live, not an issue.They are all recorded, so listen to the playback. If you spend just 1 -2 hours a week on the program, you’ll be further ahead than when you started. The calls and coaching are designed to help hold you accountable and stay on track. Remember there are 8 LIVE coaching calls with me and my team to help you stay on track and engaged.
I am not sure I have the time to dedicate to this program right now. How much time will it take for me to be successful?

pink sign upJoin Today For 3  Easy Payments of $447 — OR — Just 1 Payment of $997 {Save $332!}

Save up to $332 on Boss Of Me when you join today!

EARNINGS + Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. I don’t believe in get rich quick programs, only in hard work, adding value and serving my clients. My programs are intended to help you share your message with a bigger audience, create more impact and influence in the world as you grow your business. As stipulated by the law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees to your ability to earn money with our ideas, information, tools and strategies. It takes hard work to succeed in any type of business and in life. Your results are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. We just want to help by providing you with great content, direction, accountability and a community to move forward. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actuals, or a promise of potential earnings. Most people invest in this or other programs without ever putting in the work required to implement the strategies taught and therefore achieve little to no results. It’s simple. You’ve got to do the work to get the results. I believe that being transparent is important and I hold myself and you to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for your understanding.