Are you making one of these common coaching session errors?

We have audited hundreds of coaching calls and found (5) five common mistakes Life Coaches make that prevent them from confidently converting coaching conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

Coaching Critiques: Learn how to spot these common errors (and why they’re so detrimental to according your coaching conversation goals). Plus, how you can fix them on your next cleaning call. 

#WriteNow: An experience on how to write and market your first coaching business book, tell your story,

#WriteNow Marketing MAGIC: successfully market your best-selling new book,

Passive Profits: Create, market and sell your first group coaching program

Doctoral-level Documentary: Get help with how to film your business profile day-in-the-life documentary 

Marketing for Coaches 

Grants for Black Coaches masterclass, book and bootcamp 



Messaging MAGIC 



bonus motivational trainings for new coaching

Introducing The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Masters-level Life Coach Training Program where…

You’re a Master Black Life Coach (MBLC) when:

  1. You have a book based on your coaching specialty
  2. You have a group coaching program (live or automated) based on your coaching specialty
  3. You are accepting (and declining) both free and paid speaking engagements based on your coaching specialty (like podcast interviews, television appearances, radio appearances, summits, conferences, workshops, Masterclass, keyboard, and webinars) – both yours and joint venture
  4. You’re receiving sponsorships, scholarships, and grants (free money) to help you enhance and enrich your coaching business / coaching specialization

OPTIONAL BONUS: Take The Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study Training to become a Dual Certified Life Coach (DCLC) for an additional $2,000 {this is a $5,000 value}