This is the 24 Week (6 month) version of the 24 hour (1-Day) Black Woman Life Coach Certification Self-Study Training for $210 down (and only $210 a month for 6 months)!

24 Weeks…

It’s a break down of the (1 Day) program into 6 modules, emailed to you (1 module/section of the training per month) for your learning — and payment –convenience, in order to assist you in the completion of this Black Life Coach Certification Course and you’ll receive your Life Coach Certification at the end of our time together.

World events have caused a major shift in the Black Life Coaching Community, which has began a global movement and an opportunity for you to lead in this space by being equipped with the tools, tactics, and techniques of a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Black Woman Life Coach!

We’ve Certified nearly 200 Black Life Coaches at The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC.

Doors are open now for our 24 hour (1 Day) Black Woman Life Coach Certification Training Home-Study Course. It’s for future Black Women Certified Life Coaches who know God has called them to coach — feels this mandate — and ready to carry this mantle and walk in their anointing as a Black woman of faith and Certified Life Coach.

This Black Life Coach Certification self-study training process is a Future Black Life Coach virtual experience to help educate you as a future Certified Black Life Coach!

Here’s what one of our Future Black Life Coaches has to say about this new 24 Week Black Life Coach Certification Self-Study Training course:

In this course, you’ll receive access to one of each of the following future Black Life Coach experiences via your monthly modules:

1. Virtual video series segments from our LIVE livestream inaugural Life Coach Certification Training with Coaches past

2. Engaging, digitally downloadable life coach session worksheets that follow along with each video {for you to have a complete hands-on experience of receiving life coaching for yourself!}

3. Interactive life coaching activities to complete with your future coaching clients

4. A printable outline/ template {and demonstration} of how to conduct professional life coaching sessions with simplicity and flow {including a notable timeline to use as a guide for how long each session should be}

5. A step-by-step five-figure financial breakdown and blueprint for Black Women Life Coaches to help you with pricing your life coaching sessions and services

6. A fill-in-the-blank guide for creating terms and conditions for your life coaching sessions to help set you and your future client’s expectations of the impactful work you’ll dive into throughout your time together

7. Priceless in-action, behind-the-scenes previously recorded video of expert-level 30 minute life coaching sessions

8. Beginner life coach trainee recordings of in-session advanced | speed life coaching sessions hosted by your fellow sister Certified Black Women Life Coaches {you’ll meet them in our private Facebook group!}

9. Your opportunity to demonstrate your new found life coaching skills with your first (2) new practice coaching client(s)

10. LIVE coaching experience(s) to help you polish your new-found life coaching skills with another Black Woman Certified Life Coach

11. An easy-to-follow {and ace} online Life Coach Certification Assessment that QUALIFIES and credentials you to receive your OFFICIAL Life Coach Certification certificate delivered right to your inbox upon successful completion of the Life Coach Certification Training Self-Study Course, Coaching Critiques, and Coaching Assessment completion

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What’s the time commitment?

It all depends on the time you put into it. It’s a 24 hour training you can learn in segments as you break the work down to fit your style and schedule

Is there another way to pay besides PayPal?

Paypal is the only month-to-month option at this time. The $1,197 pay-in-full option is available on other payment platforms (Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, etc.) at

If I have extra money some months, can I pay in advance to get the modules?

Extra payments are allowed. However, your modules are sent to your inbox monthly. Outside of the 10 for 10 monthly option, we invite you to pay the $1,197 in full to get instant access to the complete program. Email for your new link to make payments outside of your normal monthly billing date or to pay for the program in full, visit

Can I Make A Payment Early?

It’s month-to-month payments of $210 for 6 months to receive 1 module per month. Your other option is to pay the full $1,197 to get the whole program. You may also email to make payments earlier/ of your regular billing date.

What dates will the monthly modules be delivered on?

Your monthly modules will be sent directly to your email inbox on the same date each month, approximately 30 days apart (depending on which date you initially register to make your first payment). For example, if you register for this program on the 25th, your modules are scheduled to be delivered to your inbox around that same date each month. Your payments will also be drafted by Paypal on the same date each month.

Remember to add your module delivery dates and your payment dates to your calendar.

I signed up, but don’t see the email in my inbox

Your email will be delivered straight to your inbox. It will be sent directly from The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC’ (white list us and

The modules you receive are pages pulled directly from the Black Life Coach Certification Training Handbook, with all the links to the videos and audios you’ll need for each month. You’ll have the FULL Handbook by the end of the 24 week (6 month) program

PLEASE NOTE that this is a downloadable, printable PDF product. No hard copy of the handbook will be mailed to you. However, you can print out each month’s module sheet from your printer on your favorite paper (in color!) and use creatively for your personal, at-home use only. Also, please know in order to protect the integrity of our products, we are unable to offer refunds on the purchase of any of our digital items, to include this one. Thank you for your support.

Featuring Lifetime Coaching Access to:

  1. 21 Marketing Tips for New Black Women Certified Life Clients

2. Online Client-Getting Strategy [using only a phone!]

3. Terms and Conditions Guidelines

4. 88 Niche Specializations for New Certified Life Coaches

5. Recommended Readings for New Black Women Certified Life Coaches

6. Prices and Packaging for New Black Women Certified Life Coaches

7. Co-coaching Critiques \ Co-coaching

8. (5) Coaching Activities for establishing valuable, purposeful and meaningful beliefs and success goals

9. Life Coaching Session Sample

10. 50+ Frequently Asked Questions of Newly Certified Black Women Life Coaches

11. Outlining a Structured Coaching Session