Is this the year you FINALLY write your book?

Are you READY to tell your story to an awaiting audience?

Do you need help with where to start…or how to get unstuck and start writing again?


If so, I have good news for you!

In honor of National Women’s Entrepreneurship month {signed into office by President Obama in 2012!}, Best-selling Authors, Andrieka J. Austin of and Tina Greer of are co-hosting #WriteNow2017; a 1-day writer’s retreat to show you how to successfully write, market and sell your first book!

This event will take place on Sunday, November 12, 2017 from 2pm-8pm EST in Douglasville, GA at a writing lodge in a private location.

We’re currently running an early bird special for only $197 until 10/27.


During this workshop, we will help you:

  • Dive in to exactly what you want to write your first book about
  • Draft the outline
  • Get deep into the content as you craft your story
  • Get help with finding your voice as an Author
  • Learn how to establish your credibility and be seen as a writer in your industry.


During this 6-hour intensive, we’ll also help you find your ‘Marketing Magic’ for

  • How to get interviews as a NEW Author
  • How to get endorsements and testimonials for your book
  • Creating additional revenue [like speaking and developing a coaching program] from your book

{And DID YOU KNOW you can do all of this before your book even launches?!}


Speaking of launches…

You’ll also receive the play-by-play of what to look forward to on your book signing day/launch party!


Can you IMAGINE what your life will look like when you finally get your first book in your hands?

Think of all of the applause and celebration from your family and close friends because…YOU FINALLY DID IT! – all because you got the help you needed starting today.



The #WriteNow Writing Retreat promises to be your one-stop shop on all things book writing, getting help with editing, graphic design, publishing, marketing and making money. We’ll cover everything from concept to cash!

If you’re serious about getting the help and guidance you need for taking your life {and your business} to the N E X T level and getting off the fence [despite your fear], come get the accountability and support you need to become an Author this year, click the button below to get registered for the event that could change your life!


Recent Client Success…

“I was invited to listen to AJ on one of her Periscopes a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely enjoyed listening to her. In fact, I couldn’t wait to hear the Periscope tweet to see if she was the once scoping again! Then, I found out that she was going to be a guest speaking at a networking event and I immediately registered to attend. Yes, she is even more awesome in-person than on social media! We hit it off. In fact, it was during our extensive impromptu 60-minute book coaching session/intensive where, the next thing I knew, I had my foundation for my book! Wow! Talk about AWESOME!”

Thanks so much,

Demitra Bryant, International Travel Women Retreat Coach



Looking forward to helping you FINALLY get that book out this year!


P.s. – Dinner and light refreshments will be served at the writer’s retreat.