70% of women small business owners make less than $25,000 per year.

Is this you?…

You KNOW God has called you to do BIG things in your business

You want to “get out there” in a BIGGER way…but you’re just NOT SURE HOW

“You’re ONE conversation away…”

There’s this little-known thing called ‘Messaging MAGIC!‘. Hardly anybody is talking about it.

But when you learn it and use it, it can make a huge difference in how fast people buy from or sign up to work with you!

It could make ALL the difference between failure and success in your business.

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Messaging MAGIC is the key to effectively marketing your business, winning over more clients and getting people to support what you do by telling others about you and referring their friends, family, fans and followers!


If you want…

More people to learn about you, buy from you, and support you by telling others about what you do in your businesses, this is the course for you.

STOP BLENDING IN. START STANDING OUT in your industry by telling your story + marketing your message in an authentic way that gets beyond titles, taglines and bios to confidently converts conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!



Make money through this little-known trick that almost instantly puts your marketing on cruise control {without you feeling overwhelmed or like you don’t want to bother or annoy people}

Messaging MAGIC is the key to winning over more clients and having more people refer you to their friends, family, fans and followers.


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What IS ‘Messaging MAGIC!‘?

It’s kinda like having your own little personal team of fairies flying around with their magical wands sprinkling golden magic dust on every word you say when you tell people about your business that instantly makes people want to buy from you, support you, and tell others about how GREAT you are and how powerful your message is!



  • Tell your story so well that potential clients want to know more about you and your business, every time!
  • Put your BUSINESS ‘out there’ without putting YOUR business “out there”
  • Be SURE you’re sharing the RIGHT message with potential buyers to help you increase sales


We’re going to talk about your ‘struggle-to-success’ story.

We’ll DIVE into how to sell your solution/strategy using your story.

We wrap it all up with your success system {for systematic sales}!

“You MUST persuade people to BELIEVE in what you are doing, and you do that by MASTERING the art of story-telling” -R. Brunson



This course will help you build the platform you NEED to create buyers!

If you tell your story of struggle and solutions, then people will be SOLD on success {yours and theirs!} using ‘Messaging MAGIC!’, they will buy from and support you AND tell others about you via referrals and testimonials every. time.

If you DON’T tell your story, LESS people will know about or buy from you.



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