Clients Say…

“My biggest challenge was starting over the RIGHT way with my business so that it is scalable and profitable. Boss of Me helped me recognize the missteps in my business and allowed me to move through the blocks and fears I had as an entrepreneur.

I’ve re-learned the art of systems (and asking for help) so I can focus on the things I love that keep me grounded and bring me joy!

If you’re looking for work/life balance, Boss of Me is for you. I really like the S.A.L.E.S process we’re taught in the program, it’s been such an “ah-ha” moment that I now expect it when I hear sales pitches!

Thanks for an AWESOME journey AJA.” ❤
Melia, MBA

 “You are FULL of knowledge, a TRUE Coach {because you make EVERYONE stay in the game!}. You’re ultra professional, a faucet of ideas, and you know how to BEST connect with your clients individually.” -S. Mills


“This is one of the BEST groups I’ve ever attended. The atmosphere is pure and we get to the bottom of our problems. AJA is the BEST! She knows how to make you think and find answers to your own issues. Truly inspirational” -M. Dunn


“This gathering for the past few weeks has strengthened my resolve to never give up. I am encouraged by everyone who has shared their struggles and victories and to know that I have colleagues who I can support and pray for and learn from is priceless. God bless you AJA for seeing this vision and pursuing it until it came to fruition :)” -Dana G.


I knew I was READY for another level in my business but was not sure how to get there. I have watched the success of The Socialprenista™ over the years with other professionals, and I trust her totally. I highly recommend her dedication, and unique ability to bring out the best in each of her clients. Working with AJA is learning from the best!

P. Wenck, Wenck Travels


My sessions with AJA [The Socialprenista] were phenomenal. She took the time to listen to my needs with a wealth of information to assist me in expanding my platform. I have been given the tools to create a very practical model and a strategic plan. I highly recommend AJA’s programs to any new or existing professional looking to take their career to the next level. You will definitely find value in the program and it is sprinkled with her one-of-a-kind , fabulous personality!”

-A. Lior


“I love the push that you have given to me.  You have challenged me in so many ways by holding my feet to the fire, giving me great tools to use, and I am GRATEFUL for it. You have shown me how I should be with my clients to help them move forward.” –T. Brown,