Who Is The Boss of Me?

The Boss of Me™ is the ONLY provider of Master Business and Life Coaching solutions built with a real-world, struggle-to-success training system integrated with a Christian-based approach for women small business owners seeking to startup, sustain, and scale a coaching enterprise while making her first {or next} $25,000 online.

Andrieka {“AJA”} Austin is Founder of www.thebossof.me,  an award-winning Speaker, Trainer, Author, Business Coach, and entrepreneur who knows how to have {and train Coaches on} conversations that convert to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

What is The Boss of Me™?

The Boss of Me™ is a training and development coaching company + community specializing in coaching and communication confidence + messaging mastery for new and existing Coaches.

What Does The Boss of Me™Do Exactly?

The Boss of Me™ helps women small business owners have confident conversations that convert to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards by providing clarity around what you say about what you do in your coaching business.

Who Does The Boss of Me Work™ With?

The Boss Of Me is for women entrepreneurs {like you!} who want to start, sustain, and scale up your coaching business by building the B.O.M business model and leveraging what they know about your area of coaching expertise by 

Packaging your information as a product {like a book} in 24 hours…

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Offer your coaching services as an online program on autopilot for ‘Passive Profits’ while using


Package the POWER of your to confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards



Am I A Good Fit for The Boss Of Me?

Boss Of Me clients fall into 3-phases/categories:

  1. Startup
  2. Sustain
  3. Scale Up

For a new Coach in the StartUp phase of her business {and making less than $25,000 per year}, >>The Boss Of Me [Mentoring Program]<< is the best option to start your journey to being The B.O.M in your business.

It’s a 1-year training + mentorship program; with the first six months of downladable audio training of business-building and modeling techniques to help you as a new, re-branding or re-launching Coach put your coaching business vision to paper, while also creating a plan-of-action for when and how to start making money in your coaching business.

The last six months of The Boss Of Me is for growing your coaching business to the next phase, which is sustainability, where you are ready to open your coaching business to bring in more revenue through things like >>writing your first book in twenty-four hours or less<< and marketing yourself as a self-published Author to become a best-seller and/or >>creating your first audio or video-based coaching program and putting it on auto-pilot to create what I call, ‘Passive Profits’<<, and >>do more speaking and sharing your story<< for additional income].

This allows you to scale up and grow your coaching business to where you are ready to >> delegate tasks and get FREE help {without hiring!} to bring on a support team of interns, volunteers, contractors, and part-time staff successfully<< – while also creating a fan/follower base to help them bring their God-given coaching business vision to pass.


One-on-one coaching is available and offered to those who have or are getting each of these things in-place in their coaching business.