I went from the loss of a job and homelessness to building a globally impactful coaching enterprise in less than two years…


18767579_10211632057869808_6784950642461352414_nI was born to a teenage mom. She PRAYED for a girl and she GOT me!…I was literally the ANSWER to someone’s prayer! – psst…someone SOMEWHERE is praying for YOU right now too!

Think about it. Out of ALL the MILLIONS of OTHERS who could have been here {even during conception}…YOU WON!

#Chosen    #TheONE   #MeantToBeHere

I grew up in low-income housing and on government assistance.


I am the ONLY 1 of 3 of my mother’s children to graduate high school.

I’m the ONLY 1 out of 28 grand children to attend college on a full-scholarship and successfully graduate!

I’ve always had a way with words {hence, the full-ride scholarship to university where I received over $100,000 awarded just for telling my story in essay form!} — I like to say I got paid to go to school!

I was married at 23, started my first business at 25, and became a homeowner at 28.

It took me 15 years to graduate college. But, I DID IT! – Mercer University, Class of 2016 {B.S. Training & Development}.

11 years ago I had 2 corporate jobs downsize. I became homeless, living in my car, and sleeping on the floors and couches of family and friends.

9 years ago, as I was leaving divorce court, walking down the hall to get on the elevator to leave – I push the ‘down’ button, and as the doors begin to close and I see my now ex-husband for the last time, my phone rang. It was my cousin telling me my mom had just passed. She was 47 years old.

I went back home to handle her affairs {and a really long story short!}, I ended up relocating just outside of where I grew up.

The death, the divorce, the downsize, the drop out, and a previous life that was dissolving was all a business-building blessing in disguise.

I was TIRED of being ‘let go’ from j-o-b-s. I no longer wanted anyone to make that decision for me — whether I got paid or not, how much I made, or how many hours I worked – ever again. Plus, it was dark when I went in, and getting dark when I got off. I barely had enough time to LIVE!

During this time, I decided to pursue being a full-time entrepreneur. I was able to sit with myself, my thoughts, and all I had gone through {my story}, grew deeper and stronger in my relationship with God, and re-connected to my purpose – serving the world through teaching.

I had a few years of business-owning experience from a previous life. I added what I knew along with information I uncovered while researching my new endeavor, which showed me that 70% of women small business owners make less than $25,000 per year – I spent some time networking and connecting with women in business, and I started to understand WHY…it was because of what they were saying {more importantly, what they were LEAVING OUT or NOT SAYING} about what they do in their business and WHY…

They didn’t have ‘Messaging MAGIC!’

So, WHO AM I?!…

I AM Andrieka J. Austin {I go by “AJA” for short}.

I am a Business Coach. I specialize in ‘Messaging MAGIC!’ where I help women entrepreneurs confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

I help YOU help others fall in L O V E with what you do – through the POWER of your story about WHY you do what you din in your business.

I look forward to our journey together!


Let me ‘UPLIFT’ you with encouragement, empowerment, and engagement for entrepreneurs!

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