2015 Boss Of Me Radio Banner

Hello there!

Below is the link to everything you need for the upcoming show in the Speaker/Co.Host Package. Please email aj@thesocialprenista.com with any questions. Thanks! 🙂

Also, by following the instructions included in the package and getting your information to me immediately will allow for better promotion of your appearance on the show. 
As time draws near your interview time, please share, market and promote your appearance on the upcoming show with your audience at least 3 times before you’re scheduled to appear, as this encourages engagement and participation and enhances your platform as the brilliant thought-leader you are!

Congratulations on booking and securing your requested date/day and time, as there was an overwhelming response from global industry experts to share this phenomenal platform of women leaders!
Email questions/comments regarding the show to aj@thesocialprenista.com
Please Note that all spots have been filled for the 2015 segments of the show. If your schedule requires you to cancel your appearance, there is no guarantee of any alternative date(s) at this time.
Thanks again for accepting the invitation to be our topic expert for the day. I am looking forward to having you as my special guest soon :).

CLICK HERE for Your Boss Of Me Radio Speaker’s Package


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