Have you been wanting to start your own life coaching company, but want to make sure you’re doing it right?

Do you feel like you need permission to call yourself a Coach (or tell others you’re a Coach) and/or charge money for the skill of coaching and ultimately change lives?

Are you already a Certified Coach but…your certificate is collecting “digital dust”?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of the questions above… #blacklifecoach


Despite this statistic, there is still so much mis-information and mis-education for Black women of the Christian faith who want to become professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Life Coaches — who still don’t know what Life Coach Certification actually looks like — and what it’s all about!

  1. You’ve been researching and following other Coaches online long enough!
  2. You can finally STOP calling (or emailing) Life Coach training companies for “more information”
  3. You can CUT IT OUT with attempting to coach on your own (’cause you know something just doesn’t feel right about it!)

According to research from Zappia, Black women make up only 9.2% of the life coaching industry.

Google searches like, “How to become a Life Coach” and “Black Life Coach” have drastically increased, although there is on average 50,000 Life Coaches on record — thanks to the readily available information out there, majority of these Coaches still aren’t coaching (or they aren’t making money.) 

According to the hundreds of calls I’ve received over the years — this is mainly due to inadequate trainings.

The other problem with this statistic, is that when your future clients type YOUR specialty or your type of coaching into the Google search bar — your name DOES NOT pop up in the search results! — even if you’ve been calling yourself a Coach or trying to ‘put yourself out there’…

The reason for this is that the “affordable” fly-by-night’ pop-up Life Coach trainings that magically appear online today when you’re researching are gone after they get your money (or meet their sales quota) — whichever comes first!

These types of training classes don’t take into consideration the fact that you’re a future Black woman Christian Certified Life Coach who learns differently – our skin, our story, our struggle, and our success –hits different!

It’s HARD to learn from (and teach) someone who doesn’t look like you — ‘they’ just don’t get it (and will never understand).

Most courses |videos| podcasts out there will tell you that you ‘don’t need a piece of paper’ or “permission” to call yourself a Coach, or that Certification doesn’t matter (even though they’re certified — or simply attempting to rebel against “the system”) — I wouldn’t want to take business advice from someone like that.

  • Spending your free time with your kids, grand kids, and spouse
  • Going on more vacations
  • Attending fun events and learning new things
  • Serving more in your church, community, or corporate culture
  • FINALLY putting all your years of experience to use…doing something you LOVE!

YOU ALREADY KNOW the value you bring to the world with your BIG heart and BIG mission to minister and help serve others

IT’S TIME to pursue that Bucket List goal of leaving a legacy through your work in this world (by working for yourself!)

This is an intensive-style training and development opportunity for future Black Women Christian Certified Coaches with a desire to become a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach to help you map out your Coaching Certification Chart.

You’ll also uncover a SECRET L.E.G.A.C.Y Layout as a future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach using the same model designed to help bring in the last $101,730.16 (in the first 24 months…working about 10 hours per week from the comfort of home) for a new online life coaching brand!

After this training, you will know where to go, who to trust, and exactly what next steps to take to become a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach

  • You’ve been called to become a Christian Certified Life Coach for some time now
  • You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed (and maybe lacking a little confidence)
  • You could use a shoulder and support system in your coaching company
  • You’ve been praying for a GOOD social circle
  • You’re feeling stuck (and maybe a little scared to launch, because it’s unfamiliar or you’ve never done this (or “seen it done like this”) before
  • GOD gave you the vision


You’re ready to get help so that you can finally quit struggling and get over the hurdles (you know it’s your time because you’ve been “that person” for others — but, have yet to receive it)

You’re ready to STOP being the ‘information gatherer’ or ‘resource collector’ — it’s time to FINALLY put all of those pieces (and the missing links) together — even if you’re not sure if this can (or will) actually work!

You need a YOU in your business support circle (without it, your reach is stalled)


  1. Where do I start as a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach?
  2. Who do I trust to train me as a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach?
  3. How much does it cost to become a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach?
  4. How long will it take to become a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach?
  5. What is the commitment time to become a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach?
  6. What does the Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study program cover?

Dear Future Life Coach,

Come discover if you have ACED…

DAY 2: How to C.O.A.C.H

DAY 3: How to CONVERT and CHARGE for your skills as a Certified Life Coach

DAY 4: The 3 Common Coaching Categories + The (27) Coaching Qualities

Plus, your BONUS VIP Ticket you’ll enhance your experience when attend the virtual screening of Lady of L.E.G.A.C.Y (a documentary-style film about how Dr. AJ Austin, Founder of The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC, sought education to break generational curses, but the dreaded five D’s of death, divorce, downsizing, dropping out of college, and dealing with homelessness tried to detail her destiny)!

With this new knowledge, you can successfully work from home…for yourself — serving the PERFECT coaching clients who you’ve been called to

Your life-long goal of

  • Financial FREEDOM
  • CONTROL of your own schedule

The Future Black Life Coach 5-Day Future Black Life Coach will introduce you to some of ‘The Original (Online) One-Hundred’ Black Women Christian Certified Life Coaches (known as ‘The Ladies of L.E.G.A.C.Y’) who have successfully completed the 1-Day Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study System online through The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC.

During this event, you’ll see how an independent self-study system has helped launch the careers of

  • Documentary Leads
  • Reality TV Personalities
  • Podcast Producers
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Church | Corporate | Community Leaders
  • Celebrity Coaches

Click the REGISTER NOW button below, enter your info…and…that’s it!

Find out the truth about life coaching

Listen to our most recent Black Women Certified Life Coach success stories for inspiration on your Black Life Coach Certification journey.

Answer essential coaching questions

See how to find coaching clients as a future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach

Discover coaching credentials to choose from

Decipher a niche or specialization available to future Black Women Christian Certified Life Coaches

*Note: 2 Timothy 2:15 in The Bible says to “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman needed not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth”. In Christian Coach Certification, this means that it doesn’t hurt (and is nothing to be ashamed of) if you want a repeat or refresher course for your training and lifelong learning needs (I, Dr. AJ Austin (your Master Life Coach Certification Trainer for Black Women of the Christian faith), am proud to say that since 2013, I’ve personally been through a series of Life Coach Certification training classes for a total of 27 times!)

The Future Black Life Coach Bootcamp is known to fill in the gaps of what’s missing (or simply just isn’t being taught) in the typical/traditional “old school” model of other life coach trainings (especially those #blackgirlmagic moments that help brings what you’re learning to real-life as a future Black Woman Certified Life Coach!). 

Take this training, and watch how your coaching skills, knowledge, and your relationship with your ability to help others in their life skyrocket! When it does, you’ll start seeing an increase in your money and how growing your life coaching company can work for you. 

Complete this Future Black Life Coach 3-Day Bootcamp to learn the exact life coaching skills and tools you need to help boost your confidence, secure your first coaching client (and get them to return), and successfully make your first few thousand dollars as a Future Black Woman Christian Certified Life Coach.

Register for this event here on Eventbrite, then come join us in the private coaching community exclusively for Future Black (Women) Christian Certified Life Coaches at http://www.futureblacklifecoaches.com



Self-study starts with a Future Black Life Coach virtual experience to help educate you on the Life Coach Certification Training process. Then, you’ll get access to one of these modules throughout the series of monthly modules:

1. A series of previously recorded videos from my LIVE livestream Life Coach Certification Training with Coaches past

2. Worksheets that follow along with the video for you to complete for yourself

3. Activities to complete with your future coaching clients

4. An outline of how life coaching sessions flow {and how long they should be}

5. Help with pricing your life coaching sessions and services

6. A guide for creating terms and conditions for your life coaching sessions to help set your client’s expectations

7. Videos of in-session expert-level life coaching

8. Videos of in-session life coaching sessions hosted by your fellow sister Certified Black Women Life Coaches

9. A chance to demonstrate your new found life coaching skills with your first new coaching clients

10. An opportunity to polish your new coaching skills with another Coach

11. An online Life Coach Certification coaching assessment that qualifies you to receive your OFFICIAL Life Coach Certification certificate