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This book is all about my personal journey from struggle to success…

in entrepreneurship as a Christian woman in business growing a global coaching enterprise serving and teaching women in business how to become {and remain} economically empowered.

You’ll read my story of what I wish I would have known earlier being in business for myself, like the hardest things I’ve been through and overcame in my business, and how I stay so positive and motivated to keep showing up.

I’ll share insight into journey to help you build and boost your confidence and affirm your purpose, especially the moments when you will have to deal with “tough times” and want to give up.

My goal is to crush business “success” myths, and help you walk in your greatness and stand firm in the possibilities, particularly when faced with the fears of the unknown. I’ll even show you how to support yourself in business, especially when others {like your family and a few friends} will not support you or your business.

Together, we’ll walk through where {and how} to identify resources from a supportive community of others like you to help support you and your business as you grow.

I’m giving you permission to be great, and you’ll get to hear from other women {just like you} who needed my help with this too!

Let me share something with you that I haven’t really shared much outside of my inner circle of Spiritual Leaders; I have been prophetically activated and challenged to mover to a higher realm of prophetic discernment in all that I do in my coaching company, books, speaking, trainings, and with my coaching clients.

I share with you what I hear from God with faith, clarity, and even more confidence than I ever have in previous writings. I openly operate in the gifting and the anointing of the prophetic, and have been activated to do so. I have a Word. I see and hear your business messaging clearly. I am a Messenger.

I speak the truth in love. My anointing, and authority makes me different. I am here to speak to and wake up the potential in you! So, I hope you’re ready. Let’s go.


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Andrieka “AJA” Austin is ‘The Messenger’, an award-winning Master Business Coach, Professional Trainer, Speaker, and Facilitator and Founder of

Ms. Austin helps women small business owners confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through her best-selling program, ‘Messaging Magic!’.

AJA knows the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {she went from homelessness, divorce, and the the death of her mother — on the same day!}Click to read all “the dirty details” in her 8th best-selling book, ‘The Boss Of Me’ [The Struggle to Success]


Find her FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter at @messagingmagic