“The Boss of Me is the woman entrepreneur’s guide to becoming independently W.E.A.L.T.H.Y in her life and business.

If you’re complaining of no customers or clients, no support, or wondering how you’re going to make things work in your business, the answer is right up under your nose. It’s within you.

It’s a struggle-to-success guide of business growth tips, tactics and tidbits of sound advice from your super-savvy, spiritually connected business best girlfriend who truly understands the business woman’s journey.

You’re too brilliant to be broke!


If you are serious about being your OWN Boss and ready to make more money and be happier in your business, this book is for you.

It’s a struggle to success manual and guide.

This book is about giving professional, sound advice for helping women small business owners bring clarity, focus, accountability, and results to the next-level business-building phase of their business life.

The tips, tools, and tidbits, and tactics shared in this guide helps business leaders have inspirational conversations.

It introduces a dialogue from the personal and professional perspective/experience from the heart of a tenured, seasoned Business and Life Coach and her own journey from struggle to success.

The goal of this book is encouragement, empowerment, education and engagement for entrepreneurs.


Implementing this inspirational information instantly increases your business impact, influence, and income!


This book is designed to help women entrepreneurs connect to their message via conversations that convert to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards {my specialty!} as a Messenger!

This book is for the professional woman/female entrepreneur who is seeking a “Silent Mentor” for business and startup ideas.


It’s help for women small business owners.


It gives helpful tips, tools, and tidbits of startup, sustainability, and scaling business advice.

Maybe you’re ready to speak more or finally write that book.

When followed step-by-step, the information within these pages will bring you clarity, focus, accountability, and results.

The words shared are from my heart, my business and business-building journey {my experience}.

This book is for you if you believe you are too brilliant to be broke, and you’re serious about working for yourself, because you’re tired of punching the clock and making somebody else rich.

If you’re anything like the women entrepreneurs I meet, you need to make more money in your business now.

You need this book and help as an entrepreneur if you are ready to make more money and be happier in your business.

This book will save you a sufficient amount of time and help you avoid the top struggles on the business journey by being taught {in just a few hours} by me what took me years to learn and avoid making similar mistakes {saves you time, eliminates pain, and help you feel better about life and your business}.

If you are serious about being your OWN Boss and ready to make more money and be happier in your business, this book is for you.

$23.99 [Shipping Included]

About The Author…

Andrieka “AJA” Austin is an award-winning Business Coach, and Best-selling Author who knows the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {she went from homelessness, divorce, and the the death of her mother — on the same day to building a globally impactful coaching company!}.

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