How to Be The Boss Of Me

featuring 120 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Launch Your Business!

It’s an exciting time to start your own business! Being in business for yourself (and by yourself) can be a wonderful thing. It can be difficult to operate a business, so an entrepreneur should do something (like a hobby) they love and are truly passionate about, which leads to most small business successes. I want to encourage you to take the first step to develop your business resources and gather information on everything that it takes to get started. Start your journey by asking yourself serious questions about yourself, and your future venture….


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Be sure you are ready to take on advantages like independence, personal satisfaction, control, financial rewards, recognition, self-esteem, and achievement. There are also disadvantages like financial risks, long hours, loss of secure income, increased responsibility, and delayed benefits. ALL OF THESE can be used as your motivation to succeed!