Picture3Group Mission: to help women small business owners {like you!} make more money in your business, reducing struggles and saving time.

Group Objectives: to empower and equip women entrepreneurs {like you!} to build better businesses and live better lives through engagement of tools and resources to do so effectively and efficiently, while supporting yourself and each other.

Group Benefits: This is an accountability group of support for women entrepreneurs who are in business to win BIG with goal-setting and goal-getting!


It’s designed to help you…

  • Get help with clarity on what you should be focusing on to help you take your business to the next level {and make more money!}
  • gain confidence in your business growth ideas
  • surround yourself with a community of support and vital connections with other like-minded women in business
  • learn from the personal and professional experience of a Certified Business Coach
  • receive strategic attention and focus on your business bottom-line


Group Features:

  • monthly small group virtual meetup sessions
  • structured, focused, and undivided attention on your business goals and WINS
  • a support team of women who are {or have been} where you are in business


Here’s what you have to look forward to…

  • the support of a trusted group of business girlfriends to share your business goals with
  • a growing network of contacts and connectionsAJ 79
  • a combination conversations and connecting
  • shared challenges and successes
  • other women who are currently running their own businesses successfully
  • a new take on the unique strengths of being connected to other female business owners who are shaking and moving
  • one-on-one sister-to-sister conversations with business best girlfriends
  • expert knowledge shared around your business goals
  • specific questions or concerns that are impacting your business addressed
  • Engagement with a Business Coach who already knows a bit about you and your business
  • a chance to dive right in to the answers and encouragement you need
  • help with connecting you to your business growth plan
  • followup on conversation

This group is for you if you:

  • are a woman small business owner or entrepreneur
  • have an established business of 6 months or more
  • are seeking  support, and help in growing your business to the next level
  • want to brainstorm and get ideas and feedback on your business goals and ideas
  • need a listening ear {and can handle clear, honest, straight-forward, transparent answers!}
  • desire a few business best girlfriends {aka “business besties”} to help strategize and give insight and helpfully engaging follow-through with accountability tactics
  • already know what you want to do, but want new, alternate, additional ideas on creative ways to implement methods

Email aj@thebossof.me with questions or comments


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