The #WriteNow ‘Marketing Magic’ Book Money-Making Challenge is THE 21-day book marketing challenge to help you establish yourself as an Author of Influence!

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This 21-day challenge is the money-making portion of a three-part course.

Part I is the #WriteNow mini-masterclass that teaches new Authors how to start writing their first self-published book this year.

Part II is #WriteNow, and helps you establish a system to make SURE you complete the book in a reasonable amount of time.

This final part {the 21-day challenge} which you qualify for teaches you how to start making money before you hit ‘publish’!

‘Marketing Magic” is your preparation station for:

Day 1: Media Interviews
Day 2: Social Media Posts
Day 3: Promotional Languaging
Day 4: Pre-sales
Day 5: Amazon Author Page
Day 6: Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP] / Best-Selling Author’s Kindle Checklist
Day 7: Book Blurb
Day 8: Videos
Day 9: Book Press Release
Day 10: Blogs
Day 11: Podcasts
Day 12: Social Media {part 2}
Day 13: Book Business Cards
Day 14: Bookstores
Day 15: Support Groups
Day 16: Organizations
Day 17: Libraries
Day 18: Resource Centers
Day 19: Colleges/Universities
Day 20: Highschools
Day 21: Your Book Launch Party

And…a BONUS Day! #ItsASurprise💕

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