The Black Life Coach Book 🖤

If people often tell you you’re a great listener and easy to talk to…and you’re tired of giving away your time and services for free, then you need this book!

Here’s What’s Inside…

1. A Letter to Future Black Life Coaches

2. The Uncertified Coach

3. 8 Mistakes Future Black Life Coaches Make

4. Called to Coach

5. Myths and Misconceptions

6. Coaching Essentials

7. Black Life Coaching for Dummies

8. Scenarios that Require Counseling vs Coaching

9. One of The Main Reasons Coaches Are Sued

10. 8 Recommended Readings for Aspiring Black Life Coaches

11. The Black Life Coach Certification Self-Study System

Come learn how you can become a skilled, successful, professionally trained Certified Life Coach online (in a day!) who gets paid to be who you already are!

You’ll meet Krista (the uncertified) and Crystal, (the soon-to-be Certified) Life Coach on their journey to what’s next in their lives as a Coach.

– Take The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Assessment to see where you are today as a (potential) future Life Coach

– Make The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Promise to yourself as a future Certified Life Coach

– Take ‘The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Quiz’ to see if you’re ready to become a ‘Committed Coach’If want to feel credible while coaching clients (and building a successful coaching company)…GET. THIS. BOOK!

“I enjoyed it! It’s very thorough and foundational…made me want to sign up for your Life Coach Certification Training!” -Janelle A. Jones, Feminine Wealth Mastery

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