Frustrated with Clients?!…👀


This post/question was from a Coach who needed coaching!

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The following is my advice to her:

When you get wrapped up in the outcome, you take on the emotions [i.e., ‘the intensity of the pressure your client is experiencing’].

Do your best to stay in a state of peace.

Your job is to show up and serve.

You do not have their [your clients] answers. Just all the right questions.

Pick ONE problem/issue to focus on.

They came to you for a specific result/outcome/goal to be achieved.

What was it?

Was it laid out and clearly explained in the initial onset of your Coach/Client agreement?

What did you promise them? {was it ‘a quick, straight-line solution’?}

Were you upfront on what you {as the Coach} could deliver?

Did you set an expected timeline from start-to-finish for the one main goal to be accomplished or achieved if they did the work?

Also, be sure you both are “fixated” on your client’s big picture {not your ownor the big picture you have for them} – I know what it’s like to get caught up wanting so much more for your clients than they do for themselves!

If ‘the session isn’t long enough’, you need to pick one problem, and create a multi-session package around how many sessions you think it will take to reach an outcome on that ONE problem, and charge accordingly.

If ‘the session is too long’ for you, then it sounds like this may not be your “ideal” type of client to work with. So, let’s revisit your ‘Perfect Client Profile’ {or do you have one? If not, we do this work together in The Boss Of Me Business Mentoring Group}.

Sessions shouldn’t be “hard” – stretching or challenging to your client, and moments of growth, new opportunities, or new ways of looking at things for you maybe, but never hard.

You should enjoy this work, because you’ve been called, chosen, and anointed for such a time as this.

There’s a reason why your clients chose to work with you.

They called you out of a SEA of Coaches from online and offline.

It’s because you were created for such a time as this.

My past, present, and potential clients have chosen and will continue to choose me as their Coach because I am a Christian who happens to be a Coach. I give tough love, guidance, support, advice, mentoring, clarity, focus, accountability and results. {emphasis on the word results}.

I understand the entrepreneur’s journey to building a coaching enterprise.

You must place yourself in your client’s shoes and remember where YOU came from.

If you did things right, you too may have once been in a place of feeling trapped or ‘fearful’ of change that a NEW level in life or business brings.

You too may have wanted a short-cut or an easier way to get to your own success.

You too may have complained about what it took to get you where you arein life and in your business today!

Think about her {meaning YOU!}, and place yourself in your client’s current shoes.

Remember what it was like to be her once and all it took to overcome {and keep going}, stay encouraged and motivated, along with all of the courageit took.

If you currently find yourself ‘feeling the pressure of the clock’, it’s time to stop, reflect, evaluate the work you two have done together, the results you’ve both achieved; your client – as a result of your coaching, and you – as a Coach/business owner who wants to keep growing her business.

Think on these 3 things:

1. Do you want to continue the relationship with this client?

2. What was the original problem/goal? What solution did you provide? Was the goal achieved or problem solved?

3. What must change or has to be different in the next two remaining sessions, and especially if you decide to continue working together?

[Also ask these same 3 questions to your client!]

P.S. – There is a Coach out there somewhere would LOVE to have your problem!


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