Here are 3-Steps to help you ROCK your business in the New Year!

Step 1: Have a ‘Vision’ for the New Year (and beyond)

Knowing what a successful business looks like for you…

For example: more money (if so, how much more–be specific, as this helps set up your vision for success!)

Next, how do you plan to make that much more money? (i.e., writing and selling a book)

“Do things that set you up for the next 365 days and beyond!”


For Example: write the first page, then the first chapter of the book you’ve been longing to bring forth (start with a simple jot list of the title + a list of 10 topics you want to address in your book) — this sets the foundation and puts you one step closer to achieving your 365-day goal–with this type of vision planning in place, IMAGINE where you could be by this time next year!

Step 2: Define Your Business and Life Purpose

This means knowing why you’re here {the meaning of your life and the reason for your business} — and being able to clearly express that outloud! It also clarifies what you’re meant to do while you’re here…

For example: pay attention to what easily falls into place for you in your life

Learning {being a student-whether at a university, sitting in the audience at a conference or at church, or simply reading a blog or a good book} comes naturally to me. It’s preferred. I do it with ease. It’s how I most naturally spend my time{absorbing knowledge}.

Question: What comes naturally for you? (and maybe your clients comment on) in your business?…

Here’s how I flow…

Knowledge-sharing {being the teacher, the leader, the expert, and the authority figure on a specific topic} is second-nature to me. I am passionate and purposeful about sharing what I learn and all of the information I absorb.

It then goes into what I do in my business as a Business and Life Coach by breaking down this information to my clients:

I use everything that I have learned and experienced up to this point to now help my clients go from broke to new ideas on how to make more money, from being “stuck” to thinking on a much larger scale for their business growth, and from struggling to no longer finding themselves in a bind, and it’s then that they are ready to move forward with growing their business to further success!

Step 3: Create a REAListic Plan

Re-visit step 1 with…

knowing what your VISION is for your life and your business


getting clear on what success will look like (in detail) for YOU and your business

Set yourself up to carry out this plan successfully over the next 365-days and beyond! — take a moment or two to dream about this time NEXT year and what can, will, and should be different {and better} for you in your life and business! —imagine the possibilities…

Get a better, much deeper understanding for why you’re here on this earth and the real meaning behind your business

Here’s a little story...

I had a client who recently started a non-profit organization that coordinates educational field trips for school-aged children, yet her professional background was in banking and finances.Although it took hours of brainstorming and asking her truth-seeking questions, we were able to uncover her new-found life and business purpose and meaning!

Each of her children had grown up and some had moved away. Deep down, she missed the together-time she used to have with them as kids taking family trips and vacations. This is now the drive, inspiration, purpose and meaning behind her new organization for kids and their families!–This came naturally for her. How amazing is that?!…

Here Are YOUR Next Steps:

  1. Answer the questions I mentioned earlier
  2. Take time to write out a simple plan (just a little something on a notepad or on your laptop)
  3. List in detail exactly what you want, where you want to go, how you want to get there, and what you can do TODAY to take that first step in moving forward!

Complete EACH of the steps mentioned and you will have set things in motion to do GREAT things in the NEXT year {or two} to come!!!

Do YOU have another STEP to add to the list for how to ROCK OUT your business for the New Year?!…

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