A New #Platform


“The ability to create something out of nothing. It starts with an idea and ends with people being willing to part with money for that which you have created–“



The Socialprenista™ at #Platform2014

I attended the second annual Platform Summit co-hosted by Morehouse College and Georgia Tech.

The mission of the summit was to increase interest, participation, and success of  the underrepresented in today’s innovation economy with a particular focus on minority groups and women.

This event highlighted business role models and future innovators across the tech and entrepreneur industries, giving them a “platform” (over the course of 2.5 days) to share knowledge and ideas tackling global social impact and change issues.

This MUST-attend / ‘had-to-be-there’ conference supported effort and potential while teaching that entrepreneurship = some stretching and some discomfort. According to #PlatformSummit speaker, Pamela T. Graham, the good news about being a business owner is when you get stuck, just know that ‘you don’t have to be an EXPERT, you just have to know HOW for FIND one!

Ms. Graham also shared a new found fact (and one of my NEW favorite statistics) that ‘The NEW face of wealth will be BLACK  and FEMALE‘.

Well, count me in! My new business mantra/motto is now ‘I Am The New Face of Wealth‘ and I am now MAXIMIZING my new found wealth!. {#Empowered!}


Here are my TOP standout-favorite

(6) quotables and a few notables

from my #Platform2014 experience!


You don’t get to the top by NOT taking risks

Ralph de la Vega started this year’s #Platform2014 speaker conversation sessions with a candid conversation and this memorable quote.

“Childhood conversations and their meanings could

translate to the entrepreneurial spirit, if we only learn to listen”

-Felix Ortiz

“It takes ENERGY to put on a facade. Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re NOT.”


 ‘Be who you are!’


‘Imagine a world without YOUR vision. Claim your truth!’

-Adaora Udoji

 ‘Manifest Your Genius.

-Reverend @jessejackson121

On the last (half) day, I posed a question {live} to featured #PlatformSummit conversationalist and Singer/Entertainer/Performer and Cover Girl Janelle Monae about girl empowerment for the next generation who shared the wise words to ‘trust YOU, trust in your Designer and the way you were built‘ with energy and for positive impact without being too hard on yourself! #GoGirl

A MAJOR event highlight was when I met one speaker in the ladies room (of all places—and, at Morehouse College [an all male school in Atlanta, GA], connected with her on twitter, and met her and another powerhouse #Platform2014 speaker ‘under the tent’ {the event’s extravagantly catered buffet’] for lunch and exchanged business-based concepts and ideas! *How cool!*

Plus, I was  personally connected with several leaders in the entrepreneurship community in Atlanta and globally!

A final standout quote was from Platform Speaker Tananarive Due who advised this generation of ‘Armchair Activists‘ to ‘Create as if the future depends on it!

{Just typing this, I feel myself getting EXCITED and being inspired ALL OVER AGAIN!!}

Much of what I learned also ties in with the business and life coaching advice I share in my NEW book, Secrets of a Socialprenista: The PINK Print [The Top 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling In Their Business [click here to pre-order!]

Shouts out to the Angel who shared this event with me!! 

This was an experience I will always cherish, and use as my motivation to #transform, #create, #inspire, #envision, #prosper, #innovate, #diversify, #connect, and #teach for a lifetime to come!

#Platform2014.2 #Platform2014.3

Get the recap by following the #Platform2014 stream on twitter (and follow me: @Socialprenista on twitter and some of the speakers I mentioned in this post!)


You can  watch some of the previous #PlatformSummit speakers here and witness what Speaker, Heather Hines (of http://www.Pathbrite.com) described the Platform Summit as ‘ where ideas go from power point to pictures to prototype to…platform‘!

It was an amazingly phenomenal experience!

Hope to see YOU there next year for #Platform2015.




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