The one thing I LOVE about Facebook is…


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From the time I was first introduced to Facebook (late 2008), I have been HOOKED! Before Facebook, there is NO WAY that thousands of people across the country would have discovered the work of lil’ ole me, and the difference I am trying to make in the world, and for that, I am grateful!

Although many people (mostly new small business owners) fight against the notion of “being seen” (or actually NOT wanting to be so easily found online), I KNOW FOR A FACT that my business would not be where it is socially if it were not for the “likes” of Facebook (pun intended!).

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I realized early-on that as a small business owner, facebook opened up [virtual] doors for me to BRAG on, and openly and consistently ‘keep people in-the-know’ about my business, and what I have to offer.

It also doesn’t hurt that you can fall in love all over again with your fourth grade crush or your high school sweetheart, and see tons of baby pictures (and who got fat or looks OLD) since your high school or college graduation!– SOME people MAY (or may not) choose to do a little Facebook stalking every now and again…just sayin.


I LOVE being at a social event (or the grocery store), and have someone recognize me (or hear my name being called from across the room as I enter a place) from Facebook!– How COOL (and a little weird) and inviting is that?!…I love knowing people wherever I go [ hate being the NEW kid on the block!…guess it’s a “social” thing! (get it?!…SOCIAL (like “socialprenista“]

Many people I encounter today who SAY that they want to expand their business STILL, and I quote, “Do not want a Facebook page”, and I say to them, “When you are READY to EXPAND YOUR MIND, and CONSIDER all of the NEW business possibilities that a global outreach can bring through something as great (and easy) as building a Facebook page for your business to REACH hundreds of THOUSANDS of potentially NEW clients, HOLLA AT ME!’” (I teach on social media for the ‘late adapters’ of small business owners)!

The convenience and the ease of running your business (or ‘friend’) page with a quick update to your status with only a quick message/ post from your phone is PRICELESS. There is NO EXCUSE to a small business owner NOT having an online presence for her business, starting with Facebook!

Facebook has done WONDERS for the visibility of my business, and I intend to TAKE ADVANTAGE of it (while it’s FREE)! Only a few years ago, we could have NEVER imagined growing a business without ever having to leave our home/ office or even picking up the phone!

No matter what, I will always be a fan of Facebook and thankful for the business growth that I have seen through it. It allows my business to have such a great platform for receiving GREAT feedback and response to new business ideas, and future products from people around the world that I would not normally (and so easily) have access to. You can’t help but LOVE that too!

What are your thoughts on Facebook and what it has done for your business? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Until NEXT time mis amigos…adios!





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