LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO BE…YOURSELF!   -Andrieka J. Austin [The Socialprenista™]

Now, I TOTALLY understand the “need” to “psych yourself out” to quickly step out of a familiar place (aka, your comfort zone) to get a job done, but….

There is NO NEED to PRETEND to be something OR someone that YOU ARE NOT, just to try to CONVINCE yourself (and others) that you are “successful”. See, in my industry [Business Coaching], it is EXTREMELY common to “hear” or “see” another Coach CLAIM to be able to “help their clients make 6-figures” [fake].

However, if you know the industry well enough, you know that this is NOT an OVER NIGHT process, and may (honestly) TAKE YEARS to achieve [make] because, THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL to success (no matter what industry you are in), so BEWARE! Get to the bottom of what this “guru” is selling you, and do your research to see if there is a BETTER way to do things (one that makes sense for you and your business).

I HATE the term “fake it ‘til you make it” (and there are SO few things I H-A-T-E). Fake WHAT? “Make it”, where?

And, HOW will you KNOW when you’ve “made it” if you HAVEN’T BEEN HONEST WITH YOURSELF during the process to KNOW where you really (and truly) want to go?! You have to do some DEEP soul-searching to find the true purpose of your TRUE life’s journey (oooh, that will make a good Inspirational Quotes— just be sure to quote me on it!).

“Be the person that you want to be; the one you see in your own eyes.” -Prolific

I’m told that Muhammad Ali made this quote famous. Just NOT SURE if he EVER imagined a world FULL of people who would spend MOST of their lives LYING to themselves!

Recent Post: The Best (and WORST) Business Advice I’ve Ever Received

While it’s okay to learn from those who have “made it”, you don’t want to keep yourself from growing (or going) in the direction that has been pre-destined for you to succeed in!

Blog Post 6 - pic 2Always remember to STAY IN YOUR LANE, and “faking it” shouldn’t be a problem. This way, you are SURE to reach your TRUE destination and KNOW when you’ve MADE IT there! 🙂

Till NEXT time amigos…adios!



6 thoughts on “My BIGGEST Business Coaching Industry Pet Peeve

  1. Wait a minute.. you’re telling me that I cannot spend $39.95 on this book by this person I’ve never met nor know nothing about and it will tell me how I can make a 6 figure income in 4 months or less or my money back? Aww HECK NAW!!!!


  2. WOW – Great post…very well said. There is no substitute for being strategic, staying on the grind, and recognizing that it takes time to get where you wanna go. No magic pill or words to get you to your success overnight.

    Thanks again for sharing!


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