Today’s post is short and sweet…

Let me share with you the absolute WORST (and most hurtful) business advice that I have ever received, which was to:

Do this “on the side”. This advice actually came from someone VERY close to me. You know, the person you respect and look up to?!…The ONE you believe is the MOST likely to BELIEVE in your dreams and your entrepreneurial endeavors?!…Or, so you THOUGHT!…

When these words were uttered, I had to [quietly] tell myself to “consider the source, and the SOURCE!”. By this, I mean that the same person that told me to basically push my dreams of owning my own business to the side and “get a REAL job” is the SAME person who had her own business for nearly 15 years and was still struggling personally and financially.

The IRONIC part of it all is that this was also the SAME person that taught me to “consider the SOURCE”. She taught me to P-R-A-Y, put things in God’s hands, and press forward in life and with everything in it. Weird, huh?!…I chose to do the latter, and K.I.M [Keep It Moving]!!– So GLAD I did :).

AJ 73 B
I LOVE What I Do!


The VERY BEST business advice that I have ever received was that:

It’s OKAY to start (and remain) small!”. Going into business for myself, nearly a decade ago, I KNEW that I wanted to maintain a small business (some might even call it a micro enterprise!). I simply wanted to make money to support myself and a GREAT lifestyle. I did not have to “be the Boss” of 50,000 other people, and try do it BIG. I was very CLEAR that that was not the fit for me.

So, in my first business class, I raised my hand and said, “Is it OKAY to WANT to REMAIN a SMALL business??”, and my Instructor replied, “Yes!”– BEST advice I could have ever received. This gave me the “Okay” to proceed with my vision of entrepreneurship (despite the previous BAD business advice). It also gave me relief in knowing that I would NOT have to “bite off MORE than I could chew” and make plans that would have potentially OVERWHELMED me to carry them out.

Although all business advice is NOT good advice, I am STILL THANKFUL for ALL of my learning experiences. It taught me the strength that lies within me (some call it stubbornness) to PROVE TO MYSELF to 1) NEVER take “No” for an answer (there is ALWAYS a way around it to get to “YES”! and 2) I don’t like being told “NO”, or that I CANNOT do something (trust me, this is only fuel to the FIRE for me to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!).

I know that we all have our very own (and very personal) run-ins with BAD (and sometimes good) business advice. Feel free to share yours (given to you or that you have given)…

Till NEXT time amigos…adios! 🙂




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