Okay, so, although I “spilled the beans” in my post Secrets of a Socialprenista™ …shared with you my FAVs of The TOP 3 MUST READS for every woman in business to keep her uplifted and moving forward…AND, I took really good notes while reading those books, and listed my FAVORITE Inspirational quotes from the authors!…

There are just 5 more things that every “entreprenista” {woman in business} MUST have every day to run a smooth, organized, profitable, and ultimately successful business! (I get excited just thinking about them!)

I’ll start with a confession…

”Hello, I am The Socialprenista™, and I am ADDICTED to (no, OBSESSED with) office and organizational supplies! {everyone, please welcome ME to the group! 🙂 }.

I tweeted about this recently, and staples replied!!! – How FREAKIN’ COOL is that?!…I TRIED to “hint” (and by hint, I mean that I came right out and said it!) at them that @Staples should be my SPONSOR to support (not break) this office supply/organizing do-dads habit/addiction!…Here is the conversation:

@Staples Twitter Chat


Me: I REFUSE TO GO BROKE buying these CUTE, pink folders/tape dispensers/markers/scissors/ and other office supplies! (in my office, EVERYTHING is P-I-N-K, so, that makes it SO MUCH HARDER to resist the temptation to buy and the URGE to SPLURGE). 

Staples: Don’t go broke. Go buy [at Staples!]!

Me: Well, give me some FREE stuff (to help support my habit) @Staples, and I MIGHT just tell my friends about your AWESOMENESS (all 1,000 twitter followers + 1,300 facebook fans + 1,200 LinkedIn connections + 1,500 e-mail database clients) and they might buy too!

Staples: Ummm…well….you know…hmmmm… 

Me: FORGET Y’ALL Staples! (see you next week!!, lol)

After that (failed) EPIC attempt to curve my appetite for MY office supply addiction issue…I STILL decided to take the cheaper route and buy online (mostly from Amazon.com), and HERE are my top 5 ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES for every woman (who wants to remain sane, organized, and super productive) in business!…*Disclaimer* Please keep in mind that MY definition of “productive” might be slightly different than yours!!

 Blog post 4 - (pic 5 - pink planner)   

#1 – The Daily Planner/ Organizer. At the end of EVERY year (around October/November or so), I am  always so EXCITED. Why, you ask?…Because, I get to get a NEW calendar!! (I prefer pink, of course)…TOLD YOU I might be a bit obsessed!

Anywho, this year’s mini-calendar (which I L-O-V-E) was a gift from my VERY sweet, and dear great Aunt (or “auntie”, as we lovingly call her). She MUST have read my mind (or my tweet!) because, it has given me the peace of mind to stay organized, and it helps organize and structure my time and my day. Plus, it is just CUTE enough to help take the office supply “cravings” away (hey!, that rhymed!).

Blog Post 4 (pic 1 - moleskin)

#2 – Can’t LIVE (or write) without my trendy moleskine™! I first discovered these cuties at a local Target (pronounced ‘tarjay’!) right up the street from my office. They caught my eye because they were just SO CUTE (I love the mini-version of ANYTHING!)!

I fell in LOVE with them because, at the time, THEY WERE ON SALE for just over a dollar…AT TARGET, folks! That was 3 years ago. I have been HOOKED (especially with the pink + purple ones) ever since! They make writing notes, and list-keeping so much easier.

P.S. – They also have some “look-alikes” at Wally World (that’s Wal-Mart, for all of you unhipsters!) too! #Shopping FUN!

Blog post 4 (pic 2 - tablet in case)

#3 – The tablet…So, I recently headed to my neighborhood Best Buy store (I like to make my electronic purchases in-person and take them home same day! – it’s a thing.) I go in because I’m in the market for a NEW ipod touch (I know. I’m a little “late”, and juuuust a little old school!). I was sold a bad one on Craigslist…NEVER trust a guy riding the train AND wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt! (Just sayin’!) Anywho, while back at Best Buy…

As I’m browsing, (of course) a salesmen (aka “Geeksquader”) approaches and eventually talks me over to the ipads. They now had ipad minis that did EVERYTHNG the ipod touch did, and MORE! When I explained that I WOULD NOT pay $500 for NOTHING that I “just wanted to read and play music on”, he showed me to this LOVELY little thing called the “the tablet mini” by Samsung.

It’s the Samsung Gallaxy 2 tab 7.0, to be exact — #ballin’!!, and it was ON SALE (my two FAVORITE words) for only $169. [MUCH more affordable than the 500 smackers mentioned earlier!], I was SOLD! After trying to convince myself (and him) that it should come in PINK, he 🙂 nicely 🙂 suggested that I could always purchase a [pink] cover for it [they only came in grey or white], and I DID (on Amazon, for $5)! Got one in pink AND one in purple!!

This thing has been my God-send for meetings, conferences, and events where I did not feel like lugging the laptop. It has all of the features I needed (and some I didn’t know I needed) and MORE! I LOVE IT. I get compliments about it EVERYWERE I go! (especially at professional events where other business leaders WISHED they didn’t have to bring their HUGE laptops or “regular-sized” ipads!). Mission accomplished! NEVER leave home without it :).

Recent Post: 5 MUST READS for Women Entrepreneurs 

#4 – The stylus. This cute little thing was a SURPRISE bonus gift that came with my purchase of the (pink) case from an Amazon seller online! That, along with a protective sheet for the tablet’s screen made the purchase pleasant, and well worth the few days waiting time and shipping cost.

It’s like the seller owned a tablet him/herself, and JUST KNEW I would be needing these things as well (at NO ADDITIONAL COST). Now, THAT’s my kind of online shopping! It satisfied (a portion of) my addiction, and got me moving with using my tablet more efficiently! #WorthIt! 🙂

And Finally…

#5 – Earbuds (w/ built in microphone). As you may (or may not know), a good (and by good, I mean “affordable”) headset is SO HARD TO FIND in-store (trust me, I checked EVERYWHERE). These cutie patooties cost me only $5 (on Amazon, as well) and gives me my money’s worth each time I use them!

Whether I am out for my daily walk (and listening to music on my tablet), sitting a noisy coffee shop working (and wanting to hear MY OWN music on the tablet, instead of WHATever that is playing on the in-shop “juke box”), or simply on a phone call/ Google+ Hangout or video chat and want my voice to come through LOUD and clear, these puppies DEFINITELY get the J-O-B D-O-N-E getting GOOD at this rhyming thing!).

They even have the “skip” and “rewind” features for finding the PERFECT song to help set your mood for the day when you’re listening to music (on your tablet)!! #Highlight 🙂

I’m beginning to think that I share WAY TOO MUCH personal information on this blog! (or, as my Auntie would say, “that was an OVERshare! 🙂 ). You now know my weakness for the “finer things” in life, a la the PINK [ANYTHING] office or organizer do-hicky!

If you find anything office/ organizing related, and need my address, just e-mail me…thesocialprenista@gmail.com. I LOVE FREE gifts, especially in PINK (as IF you didn’t already know that!]

Til NEXT time, adios!




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    1. Hey there! Thanks for checking us out :). Yes! The tablet comes in VERY handy for businesses on-the-go (and it has a digital organizer, which I rarely use)! Look forward to seeing your posts too. Follow us and feel free to comment again!


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