Secrets of a Socialprenista™

Hi, I’m The Socialprenista

The Socialprenista (eadshot) Bio Picture + LogoI am a woman social entrepreneur (a la ‘socialprenista‘), and currently in the final stages of pursuing my B.S. degree in Human Resources/Training and Development (something I’ve wanted for a looooong time–will be done by next Summer!) from Mercer University.

I’m a little nervous, a little anxious, and EXCITED to get this thang D-O-N-E!! It was a dying wish/ request/ demand from my mother a few years ago, so what BETTER time than NOW to make her proud?!!

On another note…

The same year I started my business, I was evicted. I was homeless and lived in my car (which was eventually repossessed), but I persevered…

From that experience, I empowered myself by reading hundreds of books, attending countless conferences and gleaning expert advice. I was originally in business (as Journey Girl, LLC) for 9 years where I taught jewelry-making, self-empowerment, and relationship building tactics to girls and their moms. While I LOVED every waking minute of it,

I felt a pull for something GREATER within me….

April 2013, I became a Certified Personal Life and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, and I am on TOP of the world! I get to speak, encourage, engage with and impact the lives and business of women entrepreneurs on a global scale as I influence their journey to empower others through the work that they do. How awesome?!

This blog is my OFFICIAL introduction to the world as The Socialprenista and I aim to share thought-leading tips, tools, and tidbits of professional advice on the struggles of women entrepreneurs, from a Christian perspective [what a mouthful!].

I will share what I have learned over the last near decade with women entrepreneurs who are feeling “stuck” in their businesses and who just need a listening ear to help them gather their thoughts and ‘things to do’ + a shoulder to “cry on”. Together, we’ll eventually GET IT ALL OUT, pick up the pieces, and paint a clearer vision for your business future!

Ummm, the following is definitely OFF topic…

personal and random, but probably worth noting!

• I am the oldest child and ONLY girl of my mother’s 3 kiddos (it’s hard being the Leader!!)
• I like to organize to de-stress (a minor touch of OCD)
• My idea of “retail therapy” is thrift store shopping and yardsaling! [LOVE It!]
• I was married AND divorced before 30…#NuffSaid
• Been driving since I was 13 (stick-shift baby!)
• I am secretly a “home-body” #Shhh!!!, but I LOVE being “on stage” and teaching in small group environments
• When I walk [for exercise], the world is MY STAGE [I imagine I’m on the catwalk, and I WORK IT!]
• I’m a “THUG” at heart [my favorite rap artists are T.I., Drake, Common, and Dre3000 [CRUSHing HARD!] #AtlantaBaby!
• I haven’t drunk “soda/pop/drank” in over 20 years (scared of the acid and what it will do to my skin!) #weird, I know.
• I HATE when words are misused, misspelled, and/or mispronounced (they’re/their/there, you’re/your, etc)

• Or, statements like “me, myself, personally” are made… *blank stare*
• I was a Valentine’s Day gift from my dad to my mom (my b-day is EXACTLY 9-months after V-day!)
• Fall is my FAVORITE time of year because it is the PERFECT mix of cool weather (I’m an Autumn baby, yeah!)
• I was a vegetarian for 9 months…got BORED with the food options and went back to meat #Regrets!
• I DREAM of being the voice of a cartoon character someday [that would be SO COOL!]
• I highly anticipate using my passport soon to travel to a Spanish-speaking country [near a BEAUTIFUL body of water] to teach basic English to Spanish-speaking elementary school children [hablo espanol un poquito!!]
• I am a self-proclaimed “Knowledge Knerd” (I LOVE learning/ discovering NEW information!)

•I collect NEW and exciting-sounding types of tea (bags) from different places #weird, okay!
•I can ALWAYS guess-match at least one voice of an actor on ANY animated movie!

Well, with THAT being said…

I welcome you all to my NEW blog, as I share the SECRETS of being The Socialprenista™; business advice for women entrepreneurs all over the world! I sure hope it serves a purpose for where you are on your business journey right now.

I also welcome you to connect with me outside of the blog [and in-person if you happen to be in the area!].       

Till NEXT time…




10 thoughts on “Secrets of a Socialprenista™

    1. I know, right?!…It’s been my dream for YEARS Brandi (even took a voice over class and have been featured on a few business voicemails, lol). Thanks for reading (and starting the challenge for) the blog. I think it’s GREAT to have such a strong network of bloggeristas to keep things motivating! Thanks to you and Kemya! ❤


  1. Wonderful to see your newest launch and be a part of it AJ. I love your The Socialprenista (TM) brand – it’s ultra chic with attitude!

    Thanks for sharing your story and letting us peek into your world. I’m glad you’ve joined the challenge, looking forward to learning more about you!


    1. Thanks to you and Brandi, Kemya! The 30-day #JustBlogIt Challenge was just the boost and motivation I needed to KICK things into gear! Looking forward to BIG things with this blog (thanks to you ladies)!!


    1. Thanks Vanessa! And, ditto!! I must admit that you were the first point of contact and inspiration behind me joining the challenge and getting things going (saw you mention/ share it in a post on your facebook page!). So, THANK YOU! Looking forward to connecting in-person in the near future :).


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