Life Coach Livestream
Life Coach Livestream

You know how everybody has that ONE friend they love, trust, and open up to because they are really good listeners and give REALLY good advice?!…

(Maybe it’s YOU).

My company created a one day livestream Life Coach Certification Training with a Master Life Coach Trainer who spends a full day educating and empowering people like this (so that they don’t have to guess or Google their (your) way through misinformation from what you heard or read on the internet) and we guide them (you) step-by-step through how to become a successful professionally trained Certified Life Coach (with international recognition) who gets PAID to be who they (you) already are.

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) who’s on a money and time budget but still wants to feel credible while coaching clients and build a successful coaching company, keep reading.

“The most exciting thing for me about this class was that it was hosted by a qualified professional Master Life Coach Trainer with years of training and subject matter expertise (a degree, multiple awards, and several certifications in this industry) who was also relatable, which helped me with the learning process.” -Erica E., Life Coach (Dallas, Texas)

If you’ve previously ordered your copy of, ‘The Life Coach’ ebook or eaudio book, you’ve began the journey into the world of life coaching and all it has to potentially offer you.

The book is just Step 1 in a multi-step process to getting you certified and internationally recognized as a Certified Life Coach, like:
What is a Life Coach, exactly (and what life coaching is NOT)
The life coaching process (highlights, benefits, and mission)
A list of 88 Life Coach specializations (aka, your niche / target market)
How long it takes and how much it costs to become a Certified Life Coach with a Master Life Coach Trainer

Step 2 is where you spend the day with an internationally recognized, 7 year Certified Life Coach veteran and industry expert (Life Coach masters degree), who holds a Bachelors of Science in Training and Development (with a specialty in adult learning styles), and has professionally trained and certified over 100 internationally recognized and Certified Life Coaches around the world as a Master Life Coach Trainer (with a former 4-year multi-million dollar ministry partnership).

During your Life Coach Certification Training day together, you’ll cover:

SESSION 1: Where to START as a new Life C.O.A.C.H
SESSION 2: The Coaching Conversation
SESSION 3: The Art of Asking
SESSION 4: Leveraging Listening
SESSION 5: How to set your rate (pricing) for your coaching sessions
SESSION 6: How to market (and explain what you ‘do’) to help find your first coaching client
SESSION 7: Choosing your niche
SESSION 8: Channeling your inner Life C.O.A.C.H

This recommended training is a part of The International Center for Life Coach Training (ICLCT) a virtual livestream training center hosted on the Zoom Cloud Meeting platform that hosts this and other thought-provoking, in-depth trainings for Coaches that allow you to experience first-hand what life coaching is, what it has the potential to do (for you and your coaching clients), get some practice in, and discover for yourself what will (and will not) work for you as a newly Certified Life Coach.

ICLCT excels in producing successful Certified Life Coaches who, soon after becoming certified, become well-known Speakers, Authors, event hosts, and Trainers within their own life coaching companies (and are happy to connect with you to share their testimonials rom this 1-day Life Coach Certification Training with you as a person-to-person reference, upon special request).

Your remaining steps to building a successful life coaching company will be discussed with you and your Master Life Coach Tainer throughout the LIVE Life Coach Certification Training.

Is this course accredited? No. No Life Coach Certification course or training process is ‘accredited’ in the sense that we know and understand it. The term accreditation refers to colleges and universities (post secondary educational institutions), and not the life coaching industry as a whole. As of the typing of this information, Life Coaching is an ungoverned (unpoliced), unaccredited body. It’s also not covered under insurance. However, we are a credentialed, credible coaching course that has been professionally training, certifying, coaching, teaching, and mentoring Life Coaches around the world (as far as Malaysia, The Cayman Islands, Australia, Vietnam, Kenya East Africa, and all throughout the Northern United States). Your Lead Master Life Coach Trainer, Coach Andrieka “AJ” Austin (Coach AJ) served for four years as Co-Owner of a multi-million dollar ministry alongside Millionaire Mentor, Dr. Michael J. Duckett and the work of Thomas J. Leonard (‘The Father’ of the Life Coaching industry).

What dates are trainings held? Our livestream Life Coach Certification Trainings are held via the Zoom Cloud Meetings platforms on the first Saturday of each month. Here are the upcoming training dates for 2020:

Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, May 2, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, June 6, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, July 4, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, August 1, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, September 5, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, October 3, 2020 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, November 7, 202 from 10am-7pm est
Saturday, December 5, 202 from 10am-7pm est

How much does the training cost? The financial investment to become a Certified Life Coach through the International Center for Life Coach Training (ICLCT) is $599 which covers your certificate, your training materials, and your space in the class.

Are payment options available? Yes. We offer a split-pay option that ‘splits’ your $599 payment into 2 separate payments. Your first $300 is due upon registration at Your second $300 payment is due at least 1 week before your desired training date.

Where will the training class be held? Each of our Life Coach Certification Trainings are held via livestream on the Zoom Cloud Meeting app, a virtual platform that you can easily download and have instant access to sitting in your pj’s with your favorite cup of coffee or tea, a cute pen, and your favorite journal from the comfort of phone, tablet, or computer and learn with your Master Life Coach Trainer and the other new Coaches who are getting Certified along with you. You must download the Zoom Meeting Cloud app to participate and qualitfy for Life Coach Certification from the training.

How long is the training (and do I have to stay the whole time?) The Life Coach Certification Training with The International Center for Life Coach Training (ICLCT) is one full eight hour day. Your undivided attention and full day’s attendance is mandatory for you to successfully complete the Life Coach Certification Training, oral examination, and receive your Life Coach Certification. We ask that you log into the platform to network and interact with your Master Life Coach Trainer at least 30 minutes before the 10:00 a.m. est training start time to secure your seat in the training and to confirm that the app has been downloaded properly on your computer. The training will end and you will be dismissed promptly at 7:00 p.m. est via a virtual commencement and Life Coach Certification training graduation process.

How many students are there in each class? Each class has a minimum of 2 students in each class (as you’ll need someone to practice on and coach with, and vice versa). The registration count can increase all the way up to the day of the training. Our largest Life Coach Certification Training class size so far has been 14 at one time during our LIVE trainings that were held in Atlanta over the last 4 years. In December 2019, (thanks to her own ‘Zoom Coach’) your Master Life Coach Trainer, Coach AJ Austin brought this Life Coach Certification online via this livestream process in an effort to allow more people to have access to her and her LIVE trainings for new Life Coaches. We expect this new virtual platform to expand our global reach and have many students attend at once as they discover the potential of this life-changing online training event.

When is the registration deadline? Your $599 payment must be received (in-full) at least 1 week before your desired training date (see list of training dates above) to be included in the head-count for that training’s date, and to receive your training materials and Life Coach certificate in time. Any student attempting to attend without being paid in-full will not receive full access to the training, the training materials, or his/her Life Coach Certification during the training.

Are certificates mailed out after the class? No. your Life Coach Certification from The International Center for Life Coach Training (ICLCT) will be in your email inbox by 7:01 p.m. est on the day of your training, as you will have fulfilled all areas of this comprehensive Life Coach Certification Training process, chosen your own coaching niche or specialty, practiced and received coaching, and selected your next steps in the coaching mentorship process to help you continue to grow your Life Coaching company. At the end of this one-day training, you will be certified as a Life Coach (with international recognition), and READY to start getting PAID to coach.

Will this training certify me to certify other Life Coaches? No. The International Center for Life Coach Training (ICLCT) DOES NOT grant you (or anyone else) permission to use our training materials (copywritten intellectual property) in an attempt to train or certify anyone. This information has been researched, recorded, and written over years of study apprenticeship, and approval within the life coaching arena and no permission has been (or will be) granted to use this information or our training materials beyond the scope of the Life Coach Certification Training that is being provided to you by your Master Life Coach Trainer (the Author and legal rights owner of this proprietary information). If you would like assistance in developing your own training and development program (within your own life coaching company, based on your personal niche, specialization, professional knowledge, personal experience and expertise), please apply to The Coaching Alliance Mastermind as soon as possible (spots fill fast and all applications are not accepted and approved – Your Master Life Coach Trainer, Coach AJ Austin will have the details for you after your Life Coach Certification Training is complete).

What if I register (and pay) and can’t make it that day? Can I get a refund? No. There are no refunds for any of our products, programs, or services. You will have 90 days (3 additional class training dates to choose from) from the time of your initial registration before you forfeit your full $599 payment in it’s entirety. You must attend the entire class for the full day’s training or you agree to lose your entire payment. Payments nor registrations are also non-transferable from person-to-person or product//program to product/program.

We look forward to having you in class soon.


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